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  1. lost my child in ur land

    by , 14th-May-2012 at 11:05 PM

    Egypt,Alexandria city

    I'am wrire you to ask your help to get my right to see my child,as you know it's the most basicrules ofhuman lawsand consistentwith theSwedishlaw so allmy hopeis to getmy rightto be with my child ,and as is well known theSwedish law number one in the world injustice, even it'swith foreignerslike me.
    The story shortly is that I met a girl from stokohlem online and she came me in london where I was live in this time (1-10-2012),and we were planing to live together as we fall in love to each other or as I thought but after only 12 days and Unfortunately, without any real reason she decided to back to Stockholm and she told me that she will go back and we decided to go meet in egypt ,but after just one month in (10-11-2012)she told me that she is Pregnant and she can't leave sweden now after a while she sent me emailapologized me that she used me ,and I really during 8 month right now doing my best to make the realtion work out as you can see from all the emails in between, the emails and paperIattached here with some of our picture .
    I end with very disappointed feeling ,alter on I sent her email asking to fix the situation and at least give me my right as a father to see and support our child than she told me that……
    '''''''You have no place in my life and I don't understand what you are talking about when you say you need to be with your child. If you have a child somewhere it's not something I know about, so don't be a fool.'''''''
    So by end of the nest moth she will give brith,so my hope that you will do the right thing to the child and I'am ready to do the Testmatchwith the child to prove I'am the father as long as I got to know from her that she telling the stae that she don't know the father to take financial support as also I know from her by emails that she have been in

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