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  1. reality really bites

    by , 18th-June-2012 at 11:02 PM
    Reality of misandry really hurts, even someone who isn't male. I've been watching a couple of talk shows and others today and I've never really been as emotional as I was now. It hurts to know that we all have been instilled with the "don't ever put your hands on a woman" line even if they hit you. I know never to put my hands on anyone, male or female but what makes me tear up at the moment is that why is it okay for women to put their hands on a man but not the other way around?

    Why do they need to be coddled so much? It hurts and it pisses me off. Someone answer why. I cannot stop thinking of those male abuse victims. They could never put their hands on a woman because they need to be protected. Everyone needs protection from violence.
    Feminism , Media Bites
  2. My first blog on my views

    by , 1st-April-2012 at 03:21 AM
    Written this sometime ago on another blog. Mind you that I'm a kid so my views might come off as immature or it seems like I'm trashing women but I really am not.

    Many people think I do and it's wrong. I do not hate women and I am indeed female myself. However what I am tired of, is most women's bullshit when it comes to the news and social issues. I'm pretty much tired of them ALWAYS getting their way in court cases and with other things. Actually they get their way with everything, if they wanted to to. In the media they are protrayed good people who are pure and some men are protrayed as pedophiles and people you should be weary about having your kids talk to.

    Check it out: Dateline where they catch older men (I'm talking men in their 30s, even their freaking 60s!) talking sexually online to 12, 13, 14 and 15 year old girls and boys. Yes... you heard me right, BOYS, guys. I love this show but everytime I watch it, I always wonder when they were going to catch a female predator doing the same things these men were doing. They never do, it's all men. I mean come on, women aren't innocent, in fact there were some on the media that were charged with having a sexual relationship with 14 year old boys. However, they always like to emphasize how beautiful she is. The most famous one I believe was in my home state and involved a female teacher who was attractive and she had a relationship with a 14 year old boy. Now, problem is they always talk about how beautiful she was and if I recalled, I think she got off easily and got probation.

    Now if this was a man, he wouldn't have gotten off that easily. I mean, for god people I wish there was some equality in the system for where women receive the same punishments as men for the same crimes. Yes they are female sex offenders who receive prison sentences, but why don't they ever feature them on the news? If they did then it would be alot better knowing that people see ...
    Feminism , Legal Matters

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