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  1. Few insights and few suggestions for a more effective strategy

    by , 31st-March-2012 at 05:59 PM
    Quote Quote from Fabrizio Napoleoni View Post
    Hi all.
    As you may know I'm new to this community but not to the topics it covers.

    I'm not an insider, I just remark it because it is a period of paranoia, and what I'm going to state might not please everyone.

    (btw while writing this post I've received, in response to a post of mine regarding rape culture, a twitter message stating that "75% to 95% of men rape crimes are never reported", from a femminist activist named @womenbetter; well considering that in Sweden making sex without a condom may be considered a rape...I trust her)

    Let's continue...

    I wanted to point out a couple of flaws that I see in the way the anti misandry community is acting:
    - lack of accountability: some femminst (misandric) will leverage on the fact the most identities are anonymous in these forums, to claim a lackness of accoutability; even if that is not ncessarely true, I admit that when someone reports facts and opinions with his/her real name/face I'm more prone to trust. That is a pity because if there is something men can be, still, proud of is "accoutability" in real life, so it should be the same in the virtual world. It is also a good selfmoderating attitude. It does not matter that many femminists act in anonymous way either, they have the poitical system on their side, and it matters
    - lack of networking: we are in many way worst of women at it. Using real names instead of nicknames may help to make the community more trustworty; further it would be good to create communication trends

    So I suggest to:
    - too use real names and pictures; I assume some may be scared of, some may not be in the condition to do it, but it would be good to try at least for those brave people that are in the condition to comply
    - when there is any relevant fact, to spread it via the social tools (such as twitter) and use hashtags (#) to make them more visible
    - search for members of the

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