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  1. Glad to be back

    by , 23rd-May-2012 at 03:22 AM
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    Well now where do I start.
    I was removed from my home after my X had an affair with a retarded white knight COP.
    Was divorced without even being served, when I complained I was charged with 11 charges including rape going back 16 years.
    That started in 2002, lost my kids, my home and over 200 k in savings.
    Lived on the streets for a year while on the lamb, I did 2 1/2 years in jail and house arrest while awaiting trail.
    Then did three year probation for crimes I didn't commit.
    Then I started to rebuild my life, started a new business, nothing much but its all mine.
    I never thought I would want to ever be with a women again, but I met a true lady, an equal and a kind friend. I got married and have a new baby.
    I have never forgotten what sexism has done to me and others, ie: courts, hiring quotas...
    I practice my MRA life everyday, at every turn, every situation. I will not allow hatred against men to go unanswered.
    Our business only does business with pro male people, no cougars, no manginas, no feminist. We have a great network of NORMAL male and female clients and suppliers. I believe that is the only way to defeat these fools. Only deal with kind normal folks and also tell feminist, no I will not do business with you because you are a hate monger and our business has standards.
    So far this has worked well and has made life very enjoyable.
    Glad to be back.

    Thanks , good to be back.

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