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Denise Noe

77 cents on the dollar? The truth about the gender wage gap

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by , 21st-February-2010 at 07:37 PM (4425 Views)
By Denise Noe

In a column published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution looking back on the feminist movement that broke in the early 1970s, Ellen Goodman stated that women make 77 cents to every dollar earned by men. This figure was stated as if it were an automatic indication of either employers’ discrimination against women or a more overall societal tendency to oppress women by limiting their workplace opportunities and therefore their pay.

One of the reasons the above assumptions are false was thrown into sharp relief by a conversation I had with a man shortly after reading Goodman’s column. This man had been working on a job cleaning windows and was on a ladder when he had an accident that took his foot off. Luckily, doctors were able to reattach his foot but he was left disabled.

A major reason for the 23 cent gap in average pay for men and women is that the most physically dangerous jobs require more physical strength than the vast majority of women possess. People, regardless of gender, tend receive higher pay for work that puts life and limb in jeopardy. According to US Department of Labor statistics for 2006, 54% of workers were men and 46% women while 92% of those killed on the job were men and only 8% women. The 23-cent gap between men’s and women’s incomes is to a large extent a reflection of the workplace death gap.

Another reason for the gender wage gap is that women are more likely to move in and out of the labor market than men. That women spend more time out of the paid workforce than men does not necessarily indicate oppression by tyrannical male chauvinist pigs but can reflect the greater freedom we have to devote time to homemaking and/or child care and the generosity and caring of the men who take on the sole breadwinner role in order to allow us that freedom. Indeed, men often take dangerous jobs so they can adequately support the women and children in their lives.

Fathers do not spend nearly as much time with their young as mothers but this may not be due to male delicacy about changing diapers and other such messy work – after all, men are the vast majority of garbage collectors and sewer workers – but to women being less open to supporting househusbands than men are to supporting housewives.

Ellen Goodman wrote that she would give the feminist movement an “incomplete” since, among other things, a gender wage gap remains, there is no ERA in the constitution and too many young women still obsess about their appearance. However, the truth is that the position of American women today is very good. Women are about half of those in medical and law school and the majority of those receiving bachelor’s degrees. Since much of what both ERA proponents and opponents prophesied as the result of it have come to pass in the ERA’s absence, it would seem the amendment is pretty much irrelevant. While there are problems more common in females, males are the majority of the homeless, the incarcerated and the alcoholic. They are the majority of those who actually commit suicide. In America, men have shorter life expectancies than women. As noted, they are the make up the bulk of those who are killed in the workplace.

It is time to turn our attention to men’s problems.

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  1. Percy's Avatar
    Well written (as usual) Denise, and good to see you still at the keyboard.

    I said very mush the same in my podcast last year.

    The pay gap : The Wages of Spin

    Hello, I am Amfortas and today I want to talk to you, women and men both, about The Wages of Spin.

    It’s about money. And about Lies.

    My talk, written by Paul Elam - a writer and Men’s Advocate from Houston, Texas, is about Pay equity.

    It is one of the last battles in a gender war that started with women’s suffrage in the 19th century, and raged throughout the 1960s and 70s. Unfortunately, it is a battle that continues, for naught.

    Politicians with no truths to say trot out this canard every year. But ladies, you are being deliberately deceived and made angry for your vote.

    All the fighting is predicated on the notion that women earn less than men for the same work. Depending on who you listen to, the actual numbers vary. Back in the 70s, feminists wore "59 cent" pins to protest the fact that a woman earned only 59 cents for every dollar earned by a man.

    They also protested the "glass ceiling," claiming that women were shut off from the highest rungs on the professional ladder.

    The stats are almost right. Men do earn more than women. But that surface reality is clarified when you take a deeper look into the pond. The numbers are based on a raw average of men’s and women’s income.

    Thus a female receptionist who works forty hours per week has her income averaged in with the male CEO of the company she works for, who works seventy hours per week.

    Different? Yes. Sex based discrimination? Hardly.

    But that is the implication people are given when the faulty methodology that the wage studies use to reach faulty conclusions is intentionally hidden.

    That is what happened in the 60s and 70s, and that is what is happening now.

    In April of 2007 the Feminist’s American Association of University Women (AAUW), released a study with the following conclusion in the executive summary:

    “One year out of college, it says, women working full time earn only 80 percent as much as their male colleagues earn. Ten years after graduation, women fall farther behind, earning only 69 percent as much as men earn.”

    So according to the AAUW, women have gone from a 59 cent wage gap to a 69 cent wage gap. But there remains one fundamental problem. The methodology hasn’t changed. Please note the very next line from the executive summary.

    “Controlling for hours, it say, occupation, parenthood, and other factors normally associated with pay, college-educated women still earn less than their male peers...”

    Note that they did not say that after controlling for hours and other factors that women still earned only 69 cents but that they earned “less”.

    In other words, they presented their conclusions so that unsubstantiated statistics would be remembered and passed on to others. It was a clear act of deception; a distortion, fabricated and marketed as science in order to pursue an invalid political agenda.

    It is a deception – and a set of bogus figures – that are repeated in legislatures in most Anglophile countries - by Harriet Harman in the UK and Julia Gillard in Australia for instance, and Nancy Pelosi in the USA.

    These are powerful political feminist women who have never experienced a glass ceiling in their lives and are paid far more than 99% of men. They are on the highest rungs they claim women are prevented from reaching. Lies seem to fall easily from their lips into other women’s ears. For deceptively garnered votes.

    They have dirty hands, but not from hard work.
    Naturally, the question arises, if feminist studies are distorting the facts, then what is the truth?

    June O’Neill, former director of the United States Congressional Budget Office, conducted a study of the wage gap allegations. She found, after controlling for experience, education and number of years on the job, that women earned 98% of what their male counterparts earned.

    That is a wage gap of 98 cents to the dollar, or what most statisticians would say is statistically insignificant or within a suitable margin of error to call EQUAL.

    That is what the Feminist University Women should have concluded, and would have if they were in the slightest interested in disseminating accurate information.

    But the truth about the wage gap myth undermines the feminist agenda to paint women as victims to the male dominated work place.

    Understand that the AAUW and other similar feminist organizations use these results to raise funds and to put themselves in the media limelight.

    If there is no problem, and there isn’t, then there is no need to give them money or even to pay attention to them.

    While feminists maintain that feminism is about empowering women, we all to often see that their agenda depends on making victims of them, even if those victims need to be fabricated.

    We can and should dig into this some more. It is important to understand much more about why studies indicate a wage gap before the statistics are clarified by considering variables that affect the outcome.

    Dr. Warren Farrell, Ph.D., the only man ever elected to the National Organization for Women’s national board of directors, three times, was one of the early feminists incensed at the alleged pay gap.

    Dr. Farrell dedicated a great deal of his life to challenging the culture to address this injustice.

    Then, one fateful day, he asked himself questions that would change the course of his life and, eventually, convince him to leave that organization, reportedly to the relief of his feminist peers.

    He thought, “Wait a minute, if women actually earn only 59 cents for every dollar earned by a man for the same work, why wouldn’t companies only hire women? Wouldn’t they be able to produce products much cheaper than companies that employ men, and put the competition out of business?"

    He spent the next several years in painstaking research of the subject, and came to a conclusion that has been verified as many times - as it has been ignored.

    Women make less money because of their choices, not because of discrimination.

    When given the choice between more money or a better quality of life, women are much more likely than men to choose quality of life. Women work fewer hours per week than men on average, take more time off, and frequently choose to put family and personal life ahead of their jobs.

    This speaks to women’s Intelligence and Empathy and Nurture much more that it does to their alleged status as victim.

    Men not only work longer and harder, they are much more likely to choose work that puts them in physical danger, exposes them to the elements, shortens their lifespan and increases the level of job related stress.

    These jobs, as a rule, pay better. It is the increased wages of risk and hardship. And the fact that more men than women choose to do those jobs is not a matter of discrimination, except to the extent that we still socialize men much more than women to put themselves on a chopping block for a paycheck.

    And this illustrates a concept of Farrell’s, seldom mentioned when discussing matters of pay inequity and glass ceilings.

    The glass cellar.

    At the very bottom of the employment ladder are the death jobs. Police work, fire fighting, construction, truck driving, commercial fishing, manual labor and other jobs that form the backbone of our civilization. They are also the most dangerous and life diminishing professions imaginable.

    All of them are as male dominated as the halls of power.

    And they point to something that many may not want to hear. Pay equity for women is found not in board rooms and corner offices, but behind the wheel of a semi, driving forty tons of steel through icy weather in winter.

    Inclusion and parity is in the blistered hands that hold shovels and hammers in our mines; in the Oceans and Seas, laboring like a dog in unthinkable cold and fifty foot swells to bring the fish home to the table; in facing down sociopaths with knives in the darkened back alleys of our dense and decaying cities.

    These realities call upon us to examine a truth that many don’t want to utter in today’s politically correct culture. But it is the truth nonetheless.

    If you want to get paid like a man, you have to work like one.

    Sometimes, real justice is a real surprise, and equality, a simple step up to reality.

    Thank you for listening to the truth and reason.

    This is Amfortas and I thank my colleague Paul for his fine words.

    This podcast and video have been made in collaboration with Christian J for One for All.

    I dedicate this to my estranged but beloved daughter, and to my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.

    Ask, Who does the Grail Serve.

    The Wages of Spin
    The Pay Gap Mendacity
    Narrated by Amfortas
    Written by Paul Elam
    Audio Production by Christian J
    Video Production by Paul Elam
    One for All Productions
    Who Does the Grail Serve?
    Video. You Tube . The Pay Gap %2Ecom%2Fmra%2Dyoutubers%2Fwages%2Dspin%2D20606%2E html&feature=player_embedded

    Amfortas, Paul Elam and Christianj, examine the myth of the Pay Gap and show, name and shame the political women who lie to get the women's vote. Dr Warren Farrell demolished the mendacious claims but has been ignored by the media. Men do the dirty, dangerous work which pays well while women exercise choices that are more nurturing and 'safe'. The glass ceiling does not exist but the glass cellar does. Excellent video production by Paul Elam.

    Podcast : The Wages of Spin
    Amfortas narrates the analysis of Paul Elam of the Pay Gap Myth, showing the mendacious and partial statistics promoted by politicians to anger women for political advantage. Women’s choices are intelligent and nurturing while men not only work longer hours but take the dangerous jobs that pay more. Dr Warren Farrell’s early rationales are sustained.
  2. MRA4lif's Avatar
    heres the link the the 2009 dept of labor report debunking the "wage gap" this report was taken down off their website a few hours after it was posted (fems didnt like it so it had to be taken down) anyway here it is.
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