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  1. SCUM Feminists File Download..

    by , 22nd-December-2011 at 12:19 AM
    The complete download of Agent Orange files are now available. This download is about 160MG + of files and it's a complete set of screen dumps that were lifted off the public and private RADFEM Hub website and forum, with all their recommendations about eugenics, genocide, child murdering, men killing, terrorism comments..

    So be warned..

    Just bear this in mind. Being exposed to this obnoxious, nasty poison will stay with you once it's read, as it cannot be removed. These comments are beyond disgusting and are as vile as you may or could possibly imagine. Just bear that in mind..

    Also bear in mind that some of the women on this hate site are also involved with introducing laws and affecting legislation at government levels. We have already traced quite a few to government departments as well as professionals making submissions to governments for inclusion into law..

    Their effectiveness can already be witnessed in the Family Courts system, Education Department's preferences for women only, Government promotions of VAWA as well as sexist male bashing advertising in regards to domestic violence which seeks to solely blame men..

    All those anti male laws have been promoted and introduced by these radical feminists who are determined to destroy masculinity as well as any and all positive traits that men possess. That is their aim and SCUM Manifesto is the framework from which they work..

    Those radical feminist have to be stopped..

    Agent Orange file download..
  2. Radical Feminism, SCUM Manifesto and Mens Sheds..

    by , 15th-December-2011 at 02:23 AM
    Why Do Radical Feminists Want to Destroy Men's Sheds..

    Scum Manifesto and Agent Orange..

    The Men's Shed innovation was a boon for locals alike. It gave an opportunity for men to spend time learning new interests while at the same time, help the local community and individuals who would like to learn a few new tricks. Lately, more sheds have been showing up over Australia, New Zealand and in the UK. Community groups see the value of these sheds as not only being mentoring centres for the younger generation but help others in DIY methods, with a little bit of hands on..

    So what about men's sheds..
    WHAT IS A MENíS SHED? The modern Menís Shed is an updated version of the shed in the backyard that has long been a part of Australian culture. Menís Sheds are springing up all around Australia. If you looked inside one you might see a number of men restoring furniture, perhaps restoring bicycles for a local school, maybe making Mynah bird traps or fixing lawn mowers or making a kids cubby house for Camp Quality to raffle.
    As you can see, they are used for numerous reasons to help the local community and also "show by example", to install a sense of helping others and teach the younger generation all about caring and sharing within their local community. One would imagine that the inclusion of men's sheds locally and in the local community would be a positive and well supported innovation that demonstrates what supporting local communities is all about. Many people have already praised their efforts and how that help is appreciated. It's basically a two way method that has helped both parties..

    Why Do Radical Feminists Want to Destroy Men's Sheds ?

    To whose benefit would it be to promote their destruction and one must also ask what their motives are. If the Men's Sheds were introduced to encourage community involvement as well as ensuring health benefits for the
  3. WMASAW: Exposing the AW's Radical Feminist Core..

    by , 12th-November-2011 at 04:47 AM
    Exposing the AW's Radical Feminist Core..

    It is as if, automatically on cue. State the most obnoxious, absurd, the most outlandish remark you can think of about most American Women and they will go out of their way to not only prove it to be correct but also back it up with something even worse..

    Wow, and you guys actually live in the same country and probably take them out to lunch. Tell me I am wrong..

    From The Counter-Feminist blog of Fidelbogen. He would not have to search too far and nor does anyone else to find this bit of usual misandry..
    Wednesday, November 09, 2011

    Speaks For Itself

    The accompanying is a screen capture from a larger screen capture which one of "our people" (wink, wink!) gathered from a secret, members-only feminist web forum.

    What you see here is the quintessential, inner truth about feminism-as-a-whole. Yes, yes. We all know that Not All Feminists Are Like That.


    Unfortunately, the ones who are "not like that" are merely irrelevant. They have little to do with the actual center of power, and they are of scant interest to those who are fighting said power. These earnest ones frankly bore us, and we frankly wish they would shut the hell up and disappear. They are a nuisance and a distraction which obsures feminism's rotten core from the world's gaze. But that is their purpose -- camouflage.

    So, what you see in the screen capture is the TRUTH about feminism. Those people are not what insipid folk so politely called the "radical fringe". No, they are the radical core. Without their living presence on planet earth, feminism would simply ...
  4. Grandmother accused of hacking husband to death with machete..

    by , 19th-November-2008 at 08:28 AM
    Nothing like a women imagining scorn is there ?

    Grandmother accused of hacking husband to death with machete

    By Tristan Swanwick
    November 19, 2008

    A GRANDMOTHER hacked her 71-year-old husband to death with a machete because she thought he was seeing other women, a court has been told.

    Kamalavati Sundar, 70, pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court jury in Brisbane today to murdering her husband Ram as he slept in their Woodridge home in December 2005.
    Mr Sundar was found lying face-down in bed with at least 14 machete wounds to his head and the top of his arms, prosecutor Angus Edwards told the court, the Courier-Mail reports.

    Mr Edwards said the couple appeared to have a happy and loving marriage apart from Mrs Sundar's "jealous streak".

    "On the night of the killing it all came to a head," he said.

    After a family gathering at the couple's home, Mrs Sundar accused her husband of having an affair with his grandson's maternal grandmother, Mr Edwards said.

    He told the jury the Fijian-born man went to bed after telling his wife he intended to leave her because of her constant accusations of infidelity.

    "Mr Sundar didn't get the chance to do that because he never woke up."
    The trial before Justice Peter Dutney continues.
  5. A LESBIAN pornographer will remain a convicted paedophile...

    by , 19th-November-2008 at 08:11 AM
    Oh look, here we have the feminists dream female. A lesbian that is of the opinion that she is above the law. But I AM A WOMAN, this should be an automatic excuse for bad behaviour (a similar episode happened in Australia a while back when a WOMAN after murdering her husband, cook his remains in a stew and proceeded to serve him for supper to the kids, she made the same demand). She demanded to be released because she was a WOMAN. It's on my blog somewhere, I cannot be bothered..

    Has anyone heard anything more ridiculous in their life ?

    Automatic discount for the privileged sex..

    I am rather amazed at this comment as it actually condemns another WOMAN to accountability, amazing..

    "Parliament has said that, if you're going to engage in this sort of thing, you'd better not do it with children because you'll have no legal defence," he said.
    I wonder what type of abuse he is getting for making that comment ?

    But do not fear, here we have the standard "she is a victim" comment..

    Whew, I thought it was too good ?

    "It cannot have been Parliament's intention that such persons be branded paedophile for life."
    Not for females anyway..

    A LESBIAN pornographer will remain a convicted paedophile after the country's highest court refused to erase her criminal history.
    The High Court today refused Rebecca Jane Clarke's application for special leave to appeal against her conviction for making six pornographic films with two 14-year-old girls, the Advertiser reports.
    The decision means the 23-year-old, from Goulburn in New South Wales, will likely never achieve her dream of working as a counsellor for disadvantaged children.

    Solicitor-General Martin Hinton QC told the court that was a consequence of Clarke's poor life choices.

    "Parliament has said that, if you're going to engage in this sort

    Updated 26th-November-2008 at 10:34 PM by christianj

  6. Out of a Hundred Rapes only 10% happened..

    by , 18th-November-2008 at 10:36 AM
    Out of a Hundred Rapes only 10% happened..

    This is where it's at..90% are lies..

    Where are they, in jail for false allegation ? Dream on..

    Women know they can scream "RAPE" and everyone listens but no one checks..

    It's a known fact that women will use false rape claims to seek revenge and no one checks..

    Women know that revenge is the sweetest act but no one checks..

    Ever wonder why the rape statistics according to the feminists is such an epidemic..


    A question..

    Originally posted by M&MBM

    Do you think that real rape victims are less likely to report their ordeal than say, someone using the police as a means of revenge/punishment/assuagement of guilt for allowing things to go too far? And do you find that the false allegations come from the same type of person, or is it something all types of people do?
    Does it jaundice your view of all victims?

    What can be done to make sure that true victims still have the courage to come forward, but these vengeful types are discouraged? Cases like this? or do we have to put up with the dross to allow the true victims to feel safe about coming forward?
    The response..

    Most definitely but i'm professional enough to treat it as gospel until a dedicated sexual offences officer arrives.
    This is why I think sentencing for false claims should be far higher...we've all read about the boy who cried wolf.

    I fully agree with the above sentiment, out of the 100's of rapes and sexual assaults I can probably count on one hand the amount that were genuine.

    Meanwhile we have a police officer stating the obvious and not one bureaucrat wants to know and no one checks..

    Met Tec

    I daresay I've been involved in 100 rape enquiries over the years. And I cannot imagine a worse crime to be

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