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Setting the record straight, unbiased and unsolicited facts about the Feminist Hate Movement..

  1. Mumsnet :Promoting Hate, Bigotry and Bias..

    by , 20th-March-2012 at 03:37 AM
    Mumsnet :Promoting Hate, Bigotry and Bias..

    How similar is this to the Jezebel logo ? Same sexist doctrinal mentality at work..

    I did spend some time last year perusing the "Mumsnet" site and was sickened by the malice and male hate stated on that site. The automatic vitriolic responses to my comment, even though very rational and unassuming, were responded to in ways that were totally unacceptable and were a direct assault on the site's policies, but were ignored. It was akin to the same vitriol and venom expressed on the RadFem Hub, just as sick and just as obnoxious and abusive. That feminastie site is definitely due for a shakeup and it is time that those sexist, male bashing sites started applying their own policies of fairness instead of fomenting hate and ignoring the obvious male bashing diatribe those haters have always indulged in..

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    Client Story: Mumsnet

    Fathers 4 Justice Stage Naked Mumsnet Protest in Marks & Spencer Oxford Street

    Like Matt States "Not a good sight"..
    Members of Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) staged a naked protest in the flagship London branch of Marks & Spencer at Marble Arch, Oxford Street.
    Group founder Matt O'Connor was arrested during the

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