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Setting the record straight, unbiased and unsolicited facts about the Feminist Hate Movement..

  1. Our "Canadian Natives and Friends" are under Attack From Feminists, Please Help..

    by , 30th-January-2012 at 09:53 PM
    Rideau Canal Museum and Wood Mill at night, Smith Falls, Ontario..
    With the ever increasing amount of people wanting to be counted and be involved in fighting the good fight against the feminasties, their lying ways and total dishonesty, we have another new brother in arms, who is patiently going where some fear to tread..

    Over the years we have witnessed the procedures that feminists follow and the methodology they use to spread their poison. It would appear that no one is safe from that, not even smaller cities and towns, all which are open slather. Any place regardless of size will eventually bare the brunt of those messengers of hate and evil. If we can reduce their hate message and interference, then we have at least achieved something and it does all help..

    Here is one such site and it relates to Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada. Not that far from the border of the US.

    I would like you to have a look at his site, support it by becoming a follower or leave a comment and lets see if we can help him fight the scourge that he has been fighting as well as we all have, for years..
    I have been under attack by the local radicals for a while, the more join the more i can scare them.
    More information..

    EMC Smiths falls, objectivity out the door, promoters of feminist untruths, radicalism and parental alienation.

    This is a local post, for Lanark county and Smiths falls Ontario. In response to the Smiths falls EMC's refusal to publish the truth.
    I have daughters and a grand daughter, by no means is this about women, it is about the destructive ideals of radical feminism and their ...
  2. Christian J & Joanna T. - A WoManifesto..

    by , 19th-January-2012 at 02:10 AM
    Women suffer the most yet again.-shadow-woman.jpg

    A WoManifesto – New year’s resolution: Part 1:
    What women want
    Guest Author - Joanna T.
    The Sanctuary.

    I am at a huge disadvantage. I accepted a challenge for which I am ill-prepared.
    Men NEVER listen to women about relationships. According to the grand dukes of the manosphere, they shouldn’t.
    I agree.
    But what if I told you I was a Red Pill woman? OK, not helping.
    What if I told you that this post was commissioned by a man who specifically wanted a sympathetic woman’s point of view?
    I feel a slight shift in resistance.
    What if this post was heavily edited by this man to make sure any male-bashing nonsense was excluded?
    Ah, now I have an audience.

    I like men. Just because.
    I am a woman. Given that I am not into self-hatred, I also like women. Especially those who like men.
    So without further ado, allow me to proceed.
    This post and the rest which follow in this series address the problem with no name. That which has seen a gulf the size of a small planet develop between the sexes.
    Christian J had the brilliant idea to collaborate in an effort to address the issue in a hopefully lighthearted manner and see where that leads.

    I have another problem.
    I am doing this all wrong.
    The first post should be one about ‘What women can offer men’.
    I know. I know. Women these days are all about what they want, rather than what they should give.
    I promise you, there is a good reason I am doing it this way.
    In any war negotiation I imagine (now, it must be said: I have never been a negotiator for say, the UN, so my speculation is purely that - speculation) that the most efficient way forward is to allow each party a chance to be heard first. Once the cards are on the table, demands on each party can then proceed. ...
  3. NEW Guest Author Joanna T: MGTOW, Good or Bad for Women..

    by , 11th-January-2012 at 10:40 PM

    As I previously stated, this blog will undergo some changes. One of the changes that I am glad to announce will my new Guest Author - Joanna T. who is currently stationed in Switzerland, originally from England..

    I look forward to Joanna's input and hope it will be a long and fruitful arrangement..

    Joanna's task will be to present the other side of the argument, so to speak, in her own words and in her own redolent style. We have both arrived at a point where the ongoing, irrational negativity that has been promoted by feminists and thereby feminism, has indeed marred and denigrated the relationship between males and females. It really needs to be toned down and harnessed rather than fomented and encouraged. We need to take the next step. It is up to us to garner the troops in our efforts of ensuring that feminism and feminists are rejected and exposed for the clearly demonstrated pariahs they really are. This effort is part of that program..

    Feminists hate the idea of any members of the Mens Movement joining together with members of opposite sex and demonstrating that reason and affability reigns in the MM also show that we are not the women haters they claim us to be. It's rubbing salt into already festering wounds..

    Regardless how you personally view it, it cannot continue or it should not escalate as we are both on this planet to make our lives the best we possibly can. The other issue is that feminism and it's hate doctrine is primarily designed to drive a wedge between the sexes and I really do not want to be seen or be doing anything to promote any long term plan that feminism has in that direction. This is primarily going directly against feminisms aims and plans, this is the next step..

    Joanna's latest article has struck a cord with me as I have been promoting the ...
  4. NEW Anti-male Laws to be Introduced in Australia..

    by , 8th-January-2012 at 08:59 PM

    Here we have an explanation of what feminists, in this case radical feminists and the Gillard Government, have in mind for ALL AUSTRALIAN MEN and this is just an example of what is coming your way as well. This legislation is already in Place in Tasmania, AUSTRALIA and it will ensure that Men are jailed, without any opportunity to claim a fair trial, no opportunity to present any counter argument and will be taken to prison on any claim made by any female under any circumstances..

    Fifty percent of all men in jail in Tasmania are there because of this draconian piece of legislation. They are served with a court order for one year to not go within 100 meters his own home or see his children and all his accounts, everything he owns will be confiscated and given to the person making the claim. No proof is necessary, no witnesses required, no doctors reports required, no evidence has to be submitted, only on the word of one individual will ensure this action to takes place..

    This action will be enforced even when he is not guilty or if the female is the abuser. There is no comeback whatsoever. Even if the claimant retracted her accusation and informs the Police that she has lied, nothing will change..

    This release identifies precisely how this new legislation is going to work and this will become LAW in AUSTRALIA within a very short period of time. Possibly over the next month or two if we do NOTHING. Ignore this at your own risk..

    New Legislation Designed to Persecute Men and Deny his basic Human Rights.

    If you are male and living in Australia, this is the probably the most important email you'll read this year.

    This message is about the highly discriminatory National Council’s Plan for Australia to Reduce Domestic Violence Against Women and Their Children, 2009-2021 (henceforth described as 'The Plan').
  5. Fraud in Australia’s plan to reduce violence against women..

    by , 8th-January-2012 at 08:37 AM
    Fraud in Australia’s plan to reduce violence against women..

    The introduction of the "Violence against Women" programs has been something that feminists have dreamt up in order to introduce anti-male laws around the world. As usual, feminists and their enablers will use falsified information and any other method they can find in order to convince the law makers, if we can refer to them in that fashion, to change existing laws in order to discriminate against man and boy, while at the same time ensuring their own positions, paid for by taxpayers, are protected and guaranteed..
    The hypocrisy that feminists have and continue to introduce is demonstrated once again by the author of this article. The researchers, professors and doctors are the radicals who produced the misandric material are the same women who attended the SCUM Manifesto Conference in Perth, Western Australia in 2011. Those same women who were scheming and planning about removing half of the earth's population, blowing up the Men's Sheds and throwing little male toddlers thru windows while they are closed should indicate their inhumane nature..
    They are the "NEW" breed of fanatical feminists that control that hegemony and decide future policies and actions. They are also mostly lesbians, which does not come as any surprise considering their vitriol and malice towards all males..
    Behind all this and included in their sullied actions and behaviour, we have the Gillard Government who have turned a blind eye to the recommendations these radicals want to introduce into parliament and make law. The Gillard Government demonstrates again what their intentions are for half of the Australian Population. More bigotry, discrimination and bias..

    Fraud in Australia’s plan to reduce violence against women

  6. Australia launches “The Plan” and the end to civil rights..

    by , 7th-January-2012 at 12:50 AM
    Australia launches “The Plan” and the end to civil rights..

    When one reads something like this, you could be excused for thinking that it's not really true. How can this be in this day and age when everyone is so enlightened. Human rights is instituted, surely, in law. The bad old days of fascism and witch hunts have been relegated to history as a joke. We now have legal rights as human beings to go about our own business and to live a life free of tyranny and injustice, surely..

    Apparently not. The forces at work in Canberra are not a force of consisting of a group of people who are looking to enhance our lives but to destroy it. Radical feminists have already demonstrated what their end goal is and now we are seeing those same people that we exposed on the RADFEM HUB, who are directly linked to the Australian Government, introducing laws that will not only create disharmony but bias and hate. The reality of all these recommended laws are indeed mind boggling and we have only just starting to poke and prod it's reality..

    Those radical feminists will, if they are not stopped, introduce laws that are so archaic and debilitating as to make George Orwell's book "1984" appear be a normal everyday event. This is not tyranny as we have witnessed in the past, it's apartheid between the sexes in the very worst degree..

    Wait until the facts are released as at the moment, if we were to introduce them, it would just be too much to take in. This is only the beginning..

    January 6, 2012Paul Elam<small style="color: rgb(56, 56, 56); font: normal normal bold 0.71em/normal Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; text-transform: uppercase; ">FEMINIST GOVERNANCE</small>

    Australia launches “The Plan” and the end to civil rights


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