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  1. From my cold dead wallet

    by , 21st-February-2014 at 09:32 AM (Legal Research Facts: The Child Support Enforcement Treadmill.) - Legal Research Facts: The Child Support Enforcement Treadmill. - Blogs

    My first chance to add the up and coming legal proceeding:


    DAVID COX, )


    1 )2 )3 )5 )
    6 )

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  2. Stats collated by F4J

    by , 11th-January-2014 at 01:48 PM (Official AM Blog)
  3. Gender Discrimination Breakdown

  4. A Short Tribute to a Brave Journalist

    by , 5th-January-2014 at 03:01 PM
    For any MRAs who are disheartened by the apparent failure of the MRM to make much headway in the mainstream against the tide of feminist propaganda, I thought an introduction to this man might cheer you up.

    Kevin Myers is a Journalist with the Irish Independent. It is one of the two "newspapers of note" in Ireland. He also contributes sometimes to some British publications. He has often found himself in hot water because his articles frequently attract the ire of the politically correct thought police especially concerning his thoughts on feminism.

    I know that given the tiny population of Ireland this may not be a huge breakthrough but remember these articles are being printed in a mainstream broadsheet in a country that is suffering just as much under the feminist jackboot as the UK. The real mystery is how he gets this stuff past his editors. Anyway I just wanted to point out that not all journalists have been neutered by feminism and some are putting the truth out into the mainstream. I wanted to pay a little tribute to this man for his refusal to take the easy way out and just parrot off the feminist agenda like most journalists do.

    I am leaving links to three great articles by Kevin Myers below., all published in the Irish Independent and read by a wide audience (by Irish standards).I really think this man deserves the attention of anyone who is interested in mens rights.

    The Feminist Right to Whinge:
    Kevin Myers: 'Equality' is the feminist right to whinge -

    Politically Correct Agenda Destroying Irish Society:
    Kevin Myers: This great, liberal society is silent on decisive social issues of our time -

    Feminism, Families and Fathers:
    Kevin Myers: Feminist meme now dominates and corrupts almost all discourse on women and violence -

    The Irish Independent sells 124,000 Newspapers daily in

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  5. Mad Feminists and Englishmen.

    by , 3rd-January-2014 at 07:58 PM
    In March of 1915 Billy Thompson, a young British soldier had just arrived in London, home from the Western front. He had been given a short period of leave to enable him to recover from a knee injury. He was to be sent back as soon as he was fit. He was to join a new regiment on his return. His old ‘pals’ battalion had been almost obliterated in a German attack. Those who had not been blinded or suffocated by gas, had been shot or hacked to death in a day long battle that had degenerated into an orgy of hand to hand butchery. Billy dreaded the prospect of going back. He was haunted by the images of the slaughter; the slashing and gouging; the sheer animal ferocity; the horrible screaming of the wounded. He could probably have used his knee injury to blag himself into a desk job. He had thought about it for a while before deciding he had an obligation to do his duty in memory of his mates.

    Billy had a ticket for the 10.30 to Barnsley in Yorkshire the following morning. He would see his parents for the first time since the outbreak of war. He would also visit the parents of some of his friends; friends who would not be coming home.

    For tonight though, Billy had checked into a boarding house in Bayswater. The woman of the house had taken his tattered, lice-ridden uniform promising to return it, clean and mended the following morning. She had given Billy a suit to wear. "It belonged to my husband," she said, sadness filling her eyes. "He won't be needing it any more."

    Billy picked up the walking cane that had been given to him by the pretty French nurse who had bandaged his knee. He wasn't thinking about pretty French nurses now though. He was thinking of Rose. It was the letters from Rose that had helped him to preserve some semblance of sanity amidst the madness that raged around him. He knew she was working in a factory in Sheffield now, doing her own bit for King and Country. Rose had promised to wait for him. Rose was a real

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  6. Graph of child abuse stats and relationship - Britain

    by , 2nd-January-2014 at 07:09 PM (Official AM Blog)
    In Britain, a Child Whose Biological Mother Cohabits Was 33 Times More Likely to Suffer Serious Abuse Than a Child With Married Parents.

    A survey of the professional literature shows that the three main types of abuse most commonly researched are physical abuse and, to a lesser extent, neglect and the trauma of children who have witnessed violence against their parents.8 According to the professional literature, child abuse in the United States exhibits definite demographic patterns:

    • The safest family environment for a child is a home in which the biological parents are married. Contrary to current theory about the effects of marriage on children, recent research demonstrates that marriage provides a safe environment for all family members, one in which child abuse and fatality are lowered dramatically.
    • Cohabitation, an increasingly common phenomenon, is a major factor in child abuse.Cohabitation implies a lack of commitment. The evidence suggests that a lack of commitment between biological parents is dangerous for children, and that a lack of commitment between mother and boyfriend is exceedingly so. The risk of child abuse is 20 times higher than in traditional married families if parents are cohabiting (as in "common law" marriages) and 33 times higher if the single mother is cohabiting with a boyfriend.9
    • Child abuse is prevalent in "communities of abuse" characterized by family breakdown. These also are communities of crime, characterized by the absence of marriage, the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse, and a primary dependence on welfare.11 Children who grow up in these "communities" show signs of permanent damage; moreover, as statistics follow them over time, many prove to have been damaged for life. From these communities of abuse come society's "superpredators" (the psychopathic criminals of tomorrow), violent gang members, and other hostile, depressed, and frequently even suicidal young people.
      • Child abuse is

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  7. What does a woman think of the MRM?

    by , 30th-December-2013 at 10:30 PM
    I sometimes think some MRAs are quite pessimistic about the effectiveness of their movement. I think they can underestimate the impact that their activism and their movement is having on attitudes in general. Anyway I thought some of the guys on AM might be interested in a woman's take on their movement.

    I can speak only from the point of view of the country where I live, Ireland. I know the culture and attitudes here are almost identical to the UK and quite similar to the USA so I don't suppose it varies much throughout the English speaking world.

    There are a lot of people who know that something is very wrong with Irish society. They are tired of the constant witch-hunts that feminists launch against people who express opinions that they find offensive. They are tired of the constant vilification of men and they are frightened by the disastrous effect this is having on society. They are both men and women, and although their knowledge of the effects of feminism and misandry may not yet be well developed or not even conscious, they are definitely there.

    As a woman I despise feminism. My take on feminism, I will admit, is formed partly by my selfish understanding of the damage it is doing to women, but it is also due to my respect and admiration for men and masculinity, and my personal feelings for the men in my own circle. I know several women who feel the same way.

    Several feminist journalists in Ireland have begun to moderate their stances when they talk about men. They have been finding that their articles are eliciting responses which admonish them for their bigotry. These responses come from ordinary Irish men and women. They may yet be in a minority but this would have been unthinkable just five years ago.

    I do not consider these slowly reforming feminists to be allies. Their claims to be "moderate feminists" are meaningless to me. I know that you cannot be a moderate and still support a hate-movement.
  8. Germaine Greer Vs a Russian Grandfather. - No Contest

    by , 30th-December-2013 at 02:27 PM
    “Women have very little idea of how much men hate them” - Germaine Greer.

    One of the most vivid memories from my childhood is that of a near tragedy on a frozen lake when I was about seven years old. It was February in my home town near the outskirts of Rostov on Don. The town was blanketed in snow which had built up in huge banks against the gable ends of the houses. People wearing crampons on their boots rushed hurriedly about their business in their thick winter coats, the ear flaps of their traditional ushankas pulled down against the biting cold. I was walking home from school with my grandfather who held my mittened hand in his as he stopped to exchange brief pleasantries with people we met along our way. The warm glow from the windows of the various cafe's and bakeries on the main street was irresistibly inviting and the smell of fresh confectionary wafting from the door-ways was making my mouth water.

    Grandfather was determined to get us home though. A fresh blizzard was blowing in from the open steppe and he was determined that we would be sitting in front of the huge log-burning stove in my parents house, with our bellies full of warm stew before it arrived.

    We could see skaters on the frozen lake a few hundred yards from the street. As we turned off the main street there was no sound except the crunching of our boots in the snow. A scream broke the silence and we instinctively looked towards the lake. It looked like two skaters had fallen through the ice. Grandfather let go of my hand immediately and began running towards the lake. It never failed to amaze me how fast he could move considering he had lost a foot in the war. I followed Grandfather as quickly as I could, but we were beaten to the lake shore by a group of young soldiers who were already crawling on their bellies across the ice, in single file towards the two women flailing around in the freezing water.

    The soldiers were joined by

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  9. Let's Smash the Patriarchy.

    by , 27th-December-2013 at 11:20 PM
    You will hear feminists wherever you encounter them, bleating naively about fighting to dismantle the patriarchy. To a feminist, the patriarchy is an evil system which oppressed women while at the same time privileged men. They are never able to actually back this up with any real evidence, but then feminism is an ideology. It is not a science. Ideologies are based on repeated chants and slogans. Facts just get in the way. Followers of ideologies are required to bleat like sheep to the beat of the doctrines drums. To question is blasphemy.

    The patriarchy was a system which insured the survival and advancement of the species specifically through the protection of women. Though not a concept invented by feminists, it is a history that has been deliberately distorted and misrepresented by every feminist theorist you care to mention. This deliberate re-writing of history was most definitely a feminist attempt to lionize women and demonize men and it has been broadly successful.

    So lets for a moment do something which feminists never do. Lets look at the facts. For most of history the people at the very top were men, which make sense in view of the fact that rulers were often required to protect their positions in combat. Before the advent of modern technology men had massive physical advantages. You can’t really blame them for that. Patriarchy did not have the power to influence human biology. The fact that the strongest rose to the top was not the result of some sinister patriarchal conspiracy, any more than the fact that most stone-masons and miners and soldiers were men and still are today. In fact it's fair to say that while most of the tiny minority at the very top were men, the majority of those at the very bottom of the heap were also men.

    There were also many absolutist female rulers throughout history and there is no evidence that they were any less patriarchal in their outlook to male ones.

    Patriarchy was a

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  10. I Need Feminism Because

    by , 27th-December-2013 at 10:51 PM
    I Need Feminism Because.

    I was visiting University College Dublin last year to meet a friend of mine. I was waiting for her in the arts building when I noticed a huge display of photographs along the wall of a corridor. On further investigation I discovered that the photos were the result of an event that had recently been held by the college feminist society. Participants were invited to make signs telling why they needed feminism and hold them up to be photographed. Photos from similar events had also been sent in from feminists in other parts of the world.

    What puzzled me, apart from the sheer childless pointlessness of the event itself, was the mind-boggling stupidity of the declarations themselves. Feminists once again prove that they have absolutely no sense of reality, truth or even self-respect.

    So here is my take on why “I need feminism.”

    1) I need feminism because I know that men are pigs, and I hate sexism.

    2) I need feminism because it teaches me that what I do with my body is my choice, but not my responsibility.

    3) I need feminism because I am chronically insecure and I have no sense of humour.

    4) I need feminism because it helps protect me from my crippling prudishness and my morbid fear of human sexuality.

    5) I need feminism so that when someone says something nasty to me, I can make silly placards and blubber like a pathetic victim instead of standing up for myself.

    6) I need feminism so that I can bury my neurosis in smug conceit, by stereotyping men as evil misogynist brutes.

    7) I need feminism to help me convince myself that applying negative, degrading stereotypes to men is not sexist.

    8) I need feminism so that I can complain loudly about violence against women while laughing heartily at violence against men.

    9) I need feminism so that I can scream “creep” at any
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