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Misandry and Fathers

Bits and pieces of campaigns, events, studies et al

  1. Where did YOUR last paycheck go?

    by , 27th-July-2011 at 06:50 PM (Misandry and Fathers)
    Economics ~ the science of scarcity: perhaps in laymen’s terms we might say “the science of choosing between need and want” although that really does not address the issue of finite resources.
    It seems for a very long time men, males and boys have been taught first to accept Child Support payments from their income, second to equate Fatherhood with Child Support (payments) and third, never to say in public anything disparaging about paying child support.
    Reciprocally, mothers, women and girls are taught to expect to be entitled to their children’s fathers paychecks, and, most probably payments from society and governments. The entitlement to the father’s income can easily be correlated to the first Power and Control Wheel postulated by Duluth who asserted that a man controlling his own income was in fact abuse of the female in a male/female relationship.
    Political Science is the study of how man collectively decides how a group governs itself, for instance shall each member of an agrarian group contribute a percentage of the season’s harvest to a group pool of resources. MSW’s have a Master s Degree in Social Science which should inquire into our mental and emotional health an ally of Psychiatry and Psychology. In the 1970’s and 1980’s as MSW emerged, rather than emotional and mental health the field seemed to focus upon social engineering or the imposition of values upon societies (very akin to religion).
    In our new millennium a new breed of MSW’s seem actually to be focusing on mental and emotional health most probably propelled by our advance knowledge of the brain as discovered by Research Ph.Ds. from the fields of Psychology, Psychiatry and Medicine.
    Still though we live under the urban myth that Child Support is simply necessary, must be done, should not be examined, and, should not be discussed by men: a perfect formula for the financing of a matriarchy.
    In 2011, after fifty years of socially engineered experimentation into ...
  2. Have we created a Matriarchy that is bankrupting nations, abusing children?

    by , 23rd-July-2011 at 03:20 AM (Misandry and Fathers)
    The new feminism (second wave [the radicals]) who have to be a part of everything male while acting in a misandric fashion are creating a sadistic Matriarchy across the globe. If Men and women split everything 50/50 and women get 50% of the man’s 50 and 7/8ths of the remaining twenty five percent as special entitlements that equals 97.25% - maybe that is why females make the majority of retail purchases.
    I can envision men reading this crossing their legs, wringing their hands uncomfortably, almost whining: I hope they read the rest of this, check out the links, STOP, breathe and then reflect: the truth is in the studies. We have for decades lazily subscribed to urban myth even though lies have been proven and dispelled: Warshak
    Apparently the Jewish community is concerned with a dwindling male membership The end of Jewish Men are not the Protestant and Catholic Communities facing the same situation?
    Not all single mothers are sadistic but images of Britney, Lindsey and Casey should wake us up a little simply look up female violence on You Tube . “‘Oh say it is not true” exclaim the gentlemen twisting in their seats, perhaps, but this material is not made up Bringing Attention to Abuse By Females it is true; Google has tried to censor such material as hate speech preferring homosexual friendly comments (sorry their editorial preference and a true statement simply ask bloggers).
    All mothers probably are not that violent despite the ones we have seen grabbing their children by the arm in the grocery store, we do know (even if we are afraid to discuss it) at least some moms utilize the electronic babysitter, we have been talking about it for decades, but could it lead to this: Should parents of obese kids lose custody?
    • We know Fathers petition Courts for custody, joint custody, shared custody, parenting time, access to their children everyday, and, everyday leave the Court Room broken hearted despite the evidence demonstrating the criticality

    Updated 24th-July-2011 at 11:32 AM by BobV01

  3. In our good, to we do bad...

    by , 19th-July-2011 at 03:59 PM (Misandry and Fathers)
    The left-leaning United Church of Christ now wants to be even more politically correct, and to do so its deliberative body has replaced the reference to “Heavenly Father” with the gender neutral term, “triune God,” in the denomination’s constitution.
    Regardless that "Heavenly Father" was the term used by Christ Himself to describe God... and this church is of Christ...

    Full story is here.
    Pastors work to preach beyond the choir, I wonder sometimes if Fathers reach out beyond the choir as well: the choir already knowing the verses to the song.
    The Church (as a group) reach out in their benevolence helping their Brothers and sisters, especially poor families (such as single mother homes with undisclosed income). The Church seems also to be a protector of everyone's rights, again especially the rights of downtrodden women.
    If we do not educate our church going Brothers and Pastors, most probably they truly, think that they are indeed doing good. Fathers have a job to do in spreading the word, even in Churches. I wonder if the good Pastors truly see this as Godly behavior:
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  4. Sex, money - write a letter II

    by , 18th-July-2011 at 12:33 AM (Misandry and Fathers)
    Sex, money…
    …and national bankruptcies

    This is a discussion about three hundred and thirty-six billion dollars, money we do not have and money we can save, this is going to take longer than fifteen seconds probably even longer than five minutes, please use the links and review the material: an informed discussion is the best one.

    Males and females have disagreements and males and females both say “it is my way or the highway”, in relationships involving children though, most Fathers hear “I’m hitting the highway and I’m taking the kids”. State, local and the federal government are right there to join the argument in saying “the kids go with mom”.
    Various political interests present “power and control” in a variety of ways:
    Duluth presents power and control over females here:
    West Michigan DAD presents power and control over males here:
    SAVE Services gender neutral power and control can be found here:
    Perhaps we need to enter relationships in a truthful manner without expectation of changing one another, and, expecting to honestly know one another.

    President Obama grew up without his dad, and has said that being a father is the most important job he has. Fatherlessness is a growing crisis in America, one that undergirds many of the challenges that families are facing. When dads aren't around, young people are more likely to drop out of school, use drugs, be involved in the criminal justice system, and become young parents themselves.”

    We can not promote Fatherhood by denigrating Fathers. We can not promote Fatherhood by incentivizing single motherhood. We can not solve all of our neighbor’s arguments.

    Every one ...
    Fathers , Political Issues
  5. Write a letter before we are all bankrupt

    by , 17th-July-2011 at 08:42 AM (Misandry and Fathers)
    Guests, members we have been traveling for decades to this point. Please write a letter to President Obama, your Congressman your Senators, your state and local elected people.
    Ask your friends to do so. We can not promote fatherhood by denigrating fathers. We can not promote fatherhood by incentivizing single motherhood.

    Savings is gone, child obesity is now a problem. The electronic baby-sitter is dragging children’s learning down.
    Contact President Obama here: Contact the White House | The White House
    You might copy and paste the following:

    Mr. President I can not accomplish this in 2,500 characters. I will add hyperlinks to reasonable documents.
    We can not promote Fatherhood by denigrating Fathers. We can not promote Fatherhood by incentivizing single motherhood. We can not raise test scores, personal savings or diminish childhood obesity by incentivizing single motherhood.
    -Mandatory DNA testing at child birth.
    -reduce SSA funding for single mothers
    -reduce VAWA funding - Articles
    Dads of Michigan

    Boys and Girls Learn Differently!: A Guide for Teachers and Parents
    view the letter here Can we leave the world a little bit better - how we do it... - Blogs -
    or this post:
    Or this one:
    Or this one:
    Childhood obesity: Should parents of obese kids lose custody? | West Michigan DADS
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      United States House of

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