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  1. Troll Bait

    by , 9th-September-2012 at 05:25 PM
    It's just been brought to my attention that a troll has been seen round my blog well since my Black dog episodes are of interest to some but why my appendage is of so much concern worries me as its no good for anything but pissing out of.

    So then where are we in our wonderful world oh yes cutting of male appendages well i suppose if you need one with you 24 hours a day you could always go buy a rampant rabbit one it hurts less for the male and it always stays rigid as it don't need a blood flow to raise it up.

    the rod is cast the bait is set I'll just sit back and wait

  2. Male Libido

    by , 8th-September-2012 at 09:49 PM
    I hope to get comments explaining why men like to be sexually dominated.
  3. The Hope Of A Lost Homeless Person

    by , 6th-September-2012 at 07:36 PM (My Annotated Pain)
    As of today, I’ve been homeless for three years.

    My father died last year, and left me over 11 thousand dollars, with a life insurance policy. To a broke and homeless person, that is quite a fortune.

    With that money, I bought some dentures for this girl I was caring for in Indiana, and I gave some money to the man I lived with in Indiana, who died last May. The girl I rescued from Atlanta last year. She was homeless there, as I was. The man we were living with I met online, and he invited us to come live with him there. Also with that money, I bought a very beat up truck.

    In July of last year, impulsively, I left a note for my friends in Indiana, letting them know I was leaving. I left some more money for them, and told them I was driving back to Missouri, to attempt to mend severely fractured relationships with those I have loved the most in my life. My family lives in Missouri, and my daughter.

    Soon after beginning this trip, I was pulled over by a police officer, for an expired plate on the truck, along with dysfunctional tail lights on this truck. The police officer could of arrested me for an outstanding warrant I had in Missouri. Instead, I told him my story about my trip back home to hopefully see my daughter. He let me continue my journey back to Missouri.

    I arrived in my home town in Missouri that night, and checked into a hotel. The next day, I sent an email message to my own family members, as well as the family members of my ex wife. I made them aware I was back home, and I desperately wanted to mend relationships with anyone willing to mend their relationship with me. I also let them know I very much wanted to see my daughter, as I had not seen her in two years.

    The day following that email message to them, they had me followed to a library in that town I was at. I was arrested at that library, due to an outstanding warrant I had in the ...
  4. My submission for consultation process on the future direction of prostitution legislation (in Ireland) (2012)

    by , 2nd-September-2012 at 02:07 AM
    This is a submission I put together to give a different perspective on the issue.

    Unfortunately I didn't get anyone to proofread it (ran out of time). (Submissions had to be in by the end of August, 2012)

    Also with more time, I would have put more thought into structuring what I was going to say and how I was going to say it.

    Prostitution is not something I think about much. However, I dislike the Swedish Model which motivated me to put this together.


    Background information:

    I have never used a sex worker. I do not have any financial or other connections with the industry.

    I have observed and taken part in various discussions and debates on internet forums and believe different voices are required in this debate to give more balance to discussions. Our court system involves equal representation but I can foresee that mainly "politically correct" views will be given in oral testimony and possibly also written testimony. I only realised quite late one could make anonymous submissions so I imagine lots of people who might have given comments (the many people who comment in internet discussions) haven’t because they didn’t know they could be anonymous.

    I have lived all my life in Ireland (i.e. am eligible to vote, etc.)

    Factual information:

    (i) In the UK, "ESRC Project: Migrant Workers in the UK Sex Industry" (ESRC=Economic and Social Research Council) by Dr. Nick Mai (ESRC Project: Migrant Workers in the UK Sex Industry) found that:
    "the large majority of interviewed migrant workers in the UK sex industry are not forced nor trafficked"

    (ii) The same report ["ESRC Project: Migrant Workers in the UK Sex Industry" (ESRC=Economic and Social Research Council) by Dr. Nick Mai (ESRC Project: Migrant Workers in the UK Sex Industry)] ...

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