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  1. Celtic Druid's Avatar
    Ldoucette1959 said: The members here don't give a twig about taking responsibility.
    And you overgeneralize for someone who only just joined a few days ago.
  2. Ldoucette1959's Avatar
    The members here don't give a twig about taking responsibility. Your comments are blowing in the wind from some sots taco fest. Sooner or later, you yourself will find excuses for being unable to interact with society, and blame it on the existence of women.
  3. genisis's Avatar
    Unfortunately for me, i have quite a short fuse" i have been told i'm to aggressive, so i'm banned from speaking to staff at job centres face to face, any jobcentre!
    I used to be polite, but i don't get respect" at least in Hereford, so i'm very argumentative now and i swear!
    I have a hard time in Hereford" every day is a challenge with FEMINAZI'S and MANGINA'S.
    The things that happen round here are so insidious, the FEMINAZI'S and MANGINA'S work together.

    If only someone from Hereford would work with me" i would be able to put a stop to my problems!
  4. bachelor tom's Avatar
    Akuus, the problem is that mano-a-mano doesn't work with women (or manginas), in part because of residual chivalry. Females are masters of the indirect means of conflict, the stab in the back, third party aggression etc. Feminists are well aware of this.

    It's impossible to argue with a true believer of anything.
  5. Dylan MacVillain's Avatar
    Great post, NHY. I've come to a lot of the same conclusions myself over that last few years. Being nice just gets you stomped in the dust. If you want respect, sometimes you have to be an ass.
    One thing in particular that I think should be brought back is the ol' man-to-man, duke-it-out way of settling things. Nowadays, at least here in America, people can insult you, mock you, and say whatever they want, quite often earning a solid punch in the face. However, you can't respond in that old fashion way or you will end up in jail. People at work or wherever can harass you verbally day and day out and there's nothing you can do. Kicking their butts would end everything in a flash, but you are prevented from doing anything because society is so controlled.
  6. bachelor tom's Avatar
    I agree. Taking responsibility for your own life is what an adult does. We live in the age of 'victims', so it's acceptable to complain about anything, and we do.

    Every political or social movement has its members who join for the "wrong" reasons. For example, it could be said that feminism attracts man-haters.

    Personal responsibility was dismissed by social determinists, who claim that we are passive products of family, class, race etc. It's a cop-out, with academic sophistry to support it.
  7. bachelor tom's Avatar
    I think it's a very interesting subject NHY.

    Being "nice" is definitely a female characteristic, it has served them well over the millenia.

    Not being "nice" gets results, this is true. Actions speak louder than words, and men of action have made their mark on history. However, we all have to live together after the dust settles.

    One of the oldest fighting techniques is the "psych-out", unnerving your opponent before actually coming to blows. Spouting incoherent ravings at feminists just reinforces their belief that they have broken us. We should approach them with confidence and self-control.
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