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  1. Gender

    by , 2nd-April-2011 at 02:22 PM
    This post nicely summarizes so much. It was not written by me but dievas. But I like it and hope by blogging it is gets around. Well done dievas (-:

    Before liberalism and psychology started "fixing" things:

    • No gender issues whatsoever.
    • No "identity" issues whatsoever.
    • Everyone knew who they were, their place in life.
    • People vastly more involved in politics.
    • Healthier.
    • Lower mental illness rates.
    • Less euphoria but vastly more satisfied with life.

    After liberalism and psychology started "fixing" things:

    • Brain-dead zombies.
    • People completely dependent on medications.
    • People no longer able to problem solve themselves.
    • People more dependent, less capable.
    • People damaged from years of corporate psychology because of said fields constant fucking with their mind in order to make money.

    If psychology is so great, why is marriage in ruins? Why are more and more children on medications for mental illness? Why are relationships between people in general falling apart? After almost 100 years of this field of study, why has our society gotten worse?
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