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Misandry and Fathers

Bits and pieces of campaigns, events, studies et al

  1. Whats up with peer reviewed empirical research

    by , 27th-April-2011 at 03:48 AM (Misandry and Fathers)
    What MRAs have done for the globe..

    ..Fathers it would seem are still it’s anchor

    I should hope few men alive around 1940-1950 would disagree there was a time when women decreed ‘was their right to change their mind – ‘tis the feminine prerogative (goodness there is true power and control). At that time and going forward women bitterly complained that men saw them as objects who should never get fat.
    Around 1960-1970 there was a concept called tender years, it was but a belief, but a belief widely held. Tender years held that to young children only the mother was important and the one best trained. To Fathers and men this flew in the face of their manly thoughts, intuition and beliefs, Fathers and men have been nurtures for eons, and yet, tender years was the reason to award to mothers custody of children, child support funding and alimony.
    It was about this time that men of good sense began the call for peer reviewed empirical evidence. Evidence gathered following the Scientific method of O’ HEC (Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment and Conclusion). Our intuition served us well there was no peer reviewed empirical research to support the claim of tender years. The oft cited claims that Father did not matter was slowly put to rest. It is worthy to note though that even in 2011 there are those who attempt to assert tender years or words to that similar.
    It is also worthy to note that good men of sense began to mention that rhetoric was a statement that begged an answer, but diatribe was bitter criticism: a bitter verbal or written attack on somebody or something, and although for a few decades or so, even to this day by a few, rhetoric and the political process were assumed to be true.
    Roughly for construction’s sake let us allow that the 1980’s brought to us the wide held belief of repressed dreams of father abuse, and certain and true it was oft times said all fathers were abusers and mean. It was about this ...
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  2. Kids need Dads

    by , 7th-September-2009 at 04:08 AM (Misandry and Fathers)
    I understand some dislike the Pyschaitric profession and others dislike studies. I understand that when someone establishes common sense through a study, it could cause the reader to feel like kicking the wall or pucking on the floor. It is what it is, misandry is not about common sense, antimisandry is therefore being patient and persistent we help the world to return to common sense.

    Increasing involvement of fathers in child welfare services
    Research suggests that African American children in the child welfare system come from
    predominately single parent households, the majority of which are headed by mothers.127
    Efforts to increase the involvement of fathers, especially non-custodial fathers, in
    prevention services may help stabilize these families so that further child welfare system
    involvement is unnecessary. In addition, involving fathers expands the potential supports
    for the mother and child because of the father’s kin network. In general, there is very
    little research on the role of fathers in child welfare cases; and the existing research tends…

    entire report is here

    The excerpt, above, is found on page 36
  3. MRAs please participate: graduate student parenting plan survey request

    by , 2nd-September-2009 at 01:40 AM (Misandry and Fathers)
    Dear Potential Participant,

    My name is Kristen S. White and I am a fourth year student at the
    Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. As part of a research
    study I am conducting, I am looking for participants to complete an online
    survey. To be eligible to participate, you must be at least 25 years old,
    separated or divorced from your child(ren)'s other parent, divorced no more
    than once, and your child(ren) were under age eighteen at the time of you

    All information that you share will be kept confidential and private. The
    survey is available online and will take approximately 15 minutes to
    complete. If you meet the participation criteria and are interested, please
    click on the link below:

    http://www.surveymo s.aspx?sm= fEW6OSj18Zl0aWwm PFRzXA_3d_ 3d

    The intended benefit of this study is to better understand how divorced
    parents might use their parenting plans as an effective tool to assist them
    in coparenting after their family reconfigures into two families. While
    there are no obvious anticipated risks to participation in this study, it is
    foreseeable that some respondents may experience unexpected feelings or
    distress as a result of responding to the questionnaire. Should you choose
    to respond to the survey and experience distress, please contact me at
    kristen_white@ and I will assist you in finding a local facility or
    clinician to help you manage your reaction to this study.

    Thank you for your participation and help in my research.

    Please contact me at kristen_white@ with any questions.


    Kristen S. White
    Doctoral Student
    Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
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