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    Women’s League 4 Illegals

    Dateline: USA
    From: Diggers Realm
    Via: The Honor Network

    Women’s League 4 Illegals

    Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

    The League of Women Voters has come to a conclusion on illegal immigration after a "lengthy and comprehensive study" on the issue. Their conclusion? Legalize all of the illegal aliens in the country and stop deportations.

    For more BS click:

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    Re: Women’s League 4 Illegals

    And if you criticize organizational leaders who happen to be women for their treachery in aiding and abeting illegal aliens you wind up being accused of being a misogynist. I have seen it happen more than once. In other words, women get a free pass on supporting outlawry because any one who would dare criticize their criminal behavior must be an misogynist!!
    The death of women in childbirth hurts the men they leave behind more than the women who die.

    Domestic Violence isn't funny...unless men are the victims.


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