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    VAWA Bidenís Daughter Caught Snorting Cocaine On Video?

    Dateline: Washington, USA
    By: James Bone
    From: Times Online
    Via: The Honor Network

    VAWA Bidenís Daughter Caught Snorting Cocaine On Video?

    Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

    From the man who forced in the VAWA, said to MRAs to be one of the nasty unjust acts on men in modern American history, comes the story that Vice Presidentís Bidenís hasnít been keeping an eye on his daughters very well. Will VP Biden get a free pass by the mainstream media, like Clinton did? Or will we find that people, who have snorted cocaine, coming to defend Biden & his daughter, as the cheating men tended to do for Clinton? Let the false rationalizations begin and the Lame Stream Media distortions commence.

    The White House was rocked yesterday by claims that the daughter of Joe Biden, the Vice-President, was shown on video snorting cocaine.

    The video purports to show Ashley Biden, 27, snorting lines of white powder at a house party in her home state of Delaware.
    For more click:

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    Re: VAWA Bidenís Daughter Caught Snorting Cocaine On Video?

    If you were related to Biden, what would you snort?

    (insert answers)

    Daughter -

    Son -

    His missus -

    Father -

    Mother -

    Bar-keeper -

    Priest -
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    Go your Own Way, offer kindness but keep your sword drawn.

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    Re: VAWA Bidenís Daughter Caught Snorting Cocaine On Video?

    Obama snorted coke so why would I care about Biden's daughter?

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    Re: VAWA Bidenís Daughter Caught Snorting Cocaine On Video?

    Cue Nelson:

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    Re: VAWA Bidenís Daughter Caught Snorting Cocaine On Video?

    does the apple fall far from the tree !!!!


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