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Thread: The Pink Police

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    The Pink Police

    Dateline: Australia & Sweden
    By: Intrepid
    From: Dads On the Air
    Via: The Honor Network

    The Pink Police

    Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

    Well with so many PC types running around getting everyone to be fair (under their distorted view), it was only a matter of time before they came after little girls that want to wear pink. I’m all for girls learning to “do more” and “talk & pose less” (with the added limitation it not bring down our boys wholesale as a matter of course, which seems to almost always be the case). Read these 2 artilces from Australia & Sweden and note the obsession to fashion as they want to diminish fashion.

    Yet amid all this anxiety, we seem to be overlooking the pink elephant in the nursery, the one in fairy wings and a tiara. Like raunch culture, the fairy princess aesthetic and its associated paraphernalia serve to entrench an extremely narrow idea of femininity, impressing on young girls that they are pretty, flighty little objects to be admired and marvelled at, rather than active young things seeking out adventure.

    This reinforces a passive understanding of what it is to be female, encouraging fantasies that are focused less on action, and far more on how you look. Of course, fairies and princesses can have adventures, but hyper-feminised modes of dressing put the focus squarely on appearance, teaching girls that self-worth is measured by how pretty you are, and not by what you do

    One of Olika's illustrators, Per Gustavsson, has publicly criticized the publisher's request to change the colour of a girl's T-shirt from its original pink in one book, while questions have been raised about the interest of portraying homosexual parents in another book when the fact is not important to the story line.

    "We are trying to break a pattern," Tomicic responds, insisting that it is important to show children that there are many natural alternatives to traditional ways of describing gender roles, including the colours girls and boys wear, and family structures.
    How do you get little girls to do more when you make them second guess about what they wear (to be more PC) even as you lie to yourself (as you obsess about fashion and style) in complaining about how girls & women shouldn’t be taught to be obsessed with fashion and style??? It is all very girlie to me. Maybe if you want girls not be fashion obsessed brain deads you should ignore fashion and style as much as possible, and in books and culture suggest playing down such things and make every girl & boy wear brown or gray pants suits like Hillary. Or just not pay much attention to it and center on deeds and character. Yet this seem to be too hard to grasp as compared to the feminists need to redesign girls clothes in an effort to teach girls to not be obsessed with clothes????
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    Re: The Pink Police

    This is sooooo funny.

    In New Zealand the female politicians are changing TO pink rather than grey.

    Even Helen is looking prettier these days. And the other feminists are colouring their hair and wearing fashionable accessories.

    This is their way to get the women to adventure into politics, I guess.

    Although it started when the women's group leader stepped up and complained about the women going wild.


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