National Public Awareness Campaign on Male Victims in the USA

Friday, July 30, 2010
By Abusegate Bob

Studies have shown that men who are in relationships with abusive partners do not necessarily see themselves as victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence has been so narrowly define in our society as violence against women by men that men who suffer physical, emotional, psychological, financial, and/or sexual abuse at the hands of their intimate partners don’t recognize the signs. They will usually write it off as their partner having a bad day or feel that they must have done something to cause the abuse.

Further, agencies that offer supportive services and shelter to victims of domestic violence do little to encourage abused men to come forward and seek help. Few (10% or less of the over 2,000 domestic violence shelter agencies in the country) agencies offer outreach and services (shelter, legal, counseling, support groups, transitional housing) to male victims.

We are hoping to change that with the first national public awareness campaign in the USA on male victims of domestic violence. WE NEED YOUR HELP! We have entered the Pepsi Refresh Project. We are seeking a $250,000 award from Pepsi for our project idea. The public decides who wins the funding through voting for their favorite project ideas. With that funding we will send outreach materials about male victims (brochures, posters, booklets and placards)to 7,500 agencies such as; police departments, ER’s, and mental health counseling centers, throughout the country who work with victims of domestic violence.

**VOTING BEGINS AUGUST 1st** Remember, the public determines, through voting on their favorite project ideas at the Pepsi site, who wins. Please go to Pepsi Refresh Project sign up (takes just two minutes or less), click on the Health section and under the 250K look for “Give Under served Victims of Domestic Abuse a Lifeline.” Vote for us daily throughout the month of August. Ask your friends and family members to do the same. VOTE AUGUST 1st – August 31st Thanks for your support!

Jan Elizabeth Brown
Founder and Director, Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women
Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men & Women
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