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    Misandry at Slate

    It has been reported that Misandric remarks have been made at Slate. AM's Blasphemy probably was referring to these comments:
    "...the updated domestic-violence laws accidentally created a new mythical woman: the Female Abuser. Never mind that the sociological research does not really support her existence in any great numbers. .."
    The remarks were made by Hannah Rosin.Hanna Rosin is the author of God's Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission To Save the Nation and a contributing editor at the Atlantic. She can be reached at Rosin was author of Tiger's Best Reason To Lie If he admits she hit him, she could end up in jail, whether he likes it or not found here: Why Tiger's not talking about his accident. - By Hanna Rosin - Slate Magazine.

    Those remarks were rebutted here:
    Slate -> The Fray -> Jurisprudence
    and here:
    The misandry caucus has for forty years searched, coached and promulgated material to denigrate Fathers in the face of Father Christmas. Sociological evidence indeed deomnstrates the frequent female culpability of female perpetration of domestic violence upon their husbands, boy friends and children. Search the studies in the hyperlinks below, the evidence is overwheliming and Rosin is beyond mistaken, if indeed, she knows the truth and is obfuscating it she is a misandrist otherwise only ignorant. Tiger certainly is a bum,and, does not represent all men or Fathers, but one must wonder, what term do we use to describe the sixteen women who have had sex with him? Fathers are of course critical to their children's development and maturation even democratic presidient Obama admits that much. All Fathers are men. Not all men are Fathers. Men do face misandric public policy, perception, and lack of acceptance. Much misandry has been directed at Fathers and their children.
    We all know Fathers are critical to their children’s development, evidence is here if needed:­om/default.aspx
    Fathers are struggling to parent, and some are finally winning:
    Bringing Pietro Home: One Dad's Epic Custody Fight <link> Fighting for Liam: Michael McCarty Rails Against Italian Courts for Not Protecting Son <link>
    New Jersey Father fights to bring son back from Brazil: <link>
    Williams v. Williams
    Women and mothers can perpetrate misandry, see Breaking news:
    Domestic dispute cost Bengals' Henry his life <link>
    Statewide survey shows "ball tapping" problem widespread <link>
    more information about misandry is here:
    and here,
    Anti Misandry

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    Re: Misandry at Slate

    Progressives view Feminists as one of the Three legs of the Democratic Party. Unions, Minorities and Women. Without these 3 groups they cannot win National elections. The reason Sarah Palin is hated by many Women's groups is she splits the vote. And weakens their power and seat at the Table.

    Slate is a progressive mouthpiece and mag that promotes the cause of the Left and Democratic Party. It will never treat Non Feminist Men as human beings. We are predators and Sexual Criminals and Abusers. And nothing more to these Assholes. It is the same diatribe we hear from Jeff Fecke, Hugo Schwyzer and Barry Deutsch we are Rape Enablers and Abusers of Women.

    Nothing to see here move on. Slate could not sustain their Women only blog. And had to shut it down. Feminism is dying among Young Women. Who are openly vying to be Models, and Housewives much to the consternation of the FemBots.


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