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    Grandparents Apart (Scotland) Demonstration

    Dateline: Glasgow, Scotland
    By: Jimmy Deuchars
    From: Grandparents Apart UK
    Via: The Honor Network

    Grandparents Apart Scotland Demonstration
    Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

    Wednesday the 4th of March 11:00 am
    Where: George Square Glasgow

    Everyone invited Grandparents, Mothers, Fathers, Step-parents, Uncles, Aunts. In fact anyone who cares about the treatment of children

    Reason: To highlight the terrible treatment of children and their extended families at the hands of our "out of touch Social Services departments ". In addition to demand fairer treatment of our children and families and with policies that are more in line with the children’s welfare and what the public's wishes are, and have these immediately adopted by all Social Service Departments.

    As at present it appears to be wholly incompetent, or to be acting as a law unto themselves with complete disregard for the children's "Best Interests " and the UN convention for the rights of the child. Further we ask that the government incorporate the New Proposal's by Grandparents Apart UK regarding ‘The Charter for Grandchildren’.

    For full details follow this link:


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    Re: Grandparents Apart (Scotland) Demonstration

    Glad to see that demo is getting an airing!!


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