Dateline: France
By: Fielder
From: The Honor Network

France Goes After Bloggers Like a Liver Pate’

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

In a move that could be a harbinger of grande things to come, the French constitutional court has approved a government law stopping any source, not recognized by the state as an official professional journalist, from showing any kind of violence via the French section of the Internet. This is undoubtedly a shot across the bow of the whole alternative blogger nation. Though only targeted at the French alternative news scene for now, and only narrowly defined to cover violence, such moves have a foot in the door feel for those familiar with French bureaucracy (subtle fox-like moves as long as the line of surrender-monkeys marching back to Paris after surrendering to the Nazis feel to it).

With terrorists running around since the time of Algeria occupation and Moslem youth running some quarters of France it is good to see the French leadership coming after the alternative media with threats of jail time (of up to 5 years) and fines (up to 98,000 US). Viva la Bureaucracy! Pop the sparkling wine (can’t call it champagne unless it comes from the proper narrow region of France).

This is some kind of payback to the alternative media¬ís warnings of the Moslem youth riots to come and following realization. Since the riots we have come to learn many editing facts (that are bound to be left out next time all together). When some blog claims in the future that ¬ďA¬Ē has happened, they can be dismissed for they will have no visual proof of it, or they will go to jail fast. You can see how neat this is, like that lace low cut blue & white dress with the matching pumps! Many have often claimed the French media is very independent, but they seem more independent in their attacking English speaking nations ideas as a whole, and of course their distorted never ending diatribes against terrorist central (the USA).

Pardon me while I parley for the soul of France. The ¬ďifs¬Ē here are as endless as the changing of French verbs to match the pronouns. If this is expanded and made into EU law then we could not know what is happening on the streets of any EU city in any future breakout of violence, riots, terrorism and even a Beirut-like street-by-street war.

Those who are or will be the official media, and want to stay that way, will not know what is happening on the streets (for they are bound next time not to want to go to the streets, if there is no footage to pick up for the evening newscast, and there are a lot of angry Moslem youths running around looking for something new to burn). If they are allowed to show something then it will has to pass censors. This all sounds really¬Ö well really¬Ö. how can I say this¬Ö ¬ďFrench¬Ē. Is this not the separation from the elite and the masses that took down the Bourbons a couple of times, and more than a few French republics of the past? When one of these French republican governments of the past stormed the barricades killing some self-governments in Paris (with soldiers shooting people on sight) was it not under a controlled media? Usually one has to stretch history¬ís lessons across national boarders the length and breath of the continents, but not here for the French love a good on whine and riot throughout history.

During the last long Moslem youth rioting (which should be called the Burn Every Car in France Riot), was not much footage claimed to be left out by France’s established media at the time and even to this day? And was it not the alternative media that leaked out the real story to this day!

Another ¬ďif¬Ē is if this old is new again set of laws are expanded to include other issues close to the hearts of the chateau clique, like what they define as hate speech? A new legal system to enforce control over these other media sources is not an if, but a when?

Other non-ifs are proposals lined up the whazoo in the French parliament to certify certain official government approved websites, bloghosts, cell phones operators and Internet providers. This bureaucratic creep, that many of us have all sensed in our own countries to differing degrees, is what many have screamed at the top of their lungs over much less in our moonbat filled English countries. Yet the moonbats are quiet on this move by the French parliament and courts. It’s all very conspiring-like by these conspiring obsessed bats to ignore something that isn’t even hidden- but now fact!

On the bright side this could lead to Frenchmen smuggling news footage out the country (just like Northern Korea) to be played on foreign alternative media sources, as big foreign news networks will want to remain on good term with the French authorities (and be invited to all the right swareys that with any luck will take them to Versailles with their New York wives to meet with bureaucrats in-the-know).

So this could be a bonanza for new English media outside of the Frankish kingdom, and lead to dare I say… more Frenchmen learning English- to get the real story. Though a car burning on almost every block has a way of making normal people change their ways fast, yet the French are special and must teach us how to see this as a expression of artistic anarchic creativity. I’m so yesterday. I really need to ignore history and get in with the latest thing on the streets of Paris (like metrosexual purses for men). Hmm… I think I’ll pass.