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    Finally the MSM Sees Men Are on Strike

    Dateline: Germany, EU
    By: Timocrat
    From: DW-World
    Via: The Honor Network

    Finally the MSM Sees Men Are on Strike

    Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

    It has taken a long time for the mainstream Media to see the writing on the wall, and it is only Germany (with one of the lower rates of Birth in Europe) that has come to finally see men are on strike, not women. Still the idea that men donít want to have kids because they are scared is very assuming, maybe they donít want kids because they are angry and taxed out.

    Low birth rates and the ageing population in Germany have dominated media in discussions about how to pay for health care and social security. Now, a study says it is men who are primarily responsible for fewer births.

    In its study, the Robert Bosch Foundation found that "men are scared to start families," said Ingrid Hamm, managing director of the foundation. The study says one in four men in Germany do not want children, whereas one in seven women prefer to remain childless. In Eastern Germany, that rate is lower, with one in 10 women exopressing the wish to remain childless.

    The study was based on responses from 10,017 people. Researchers say the survey was representative, even of the smallest groups in Germany.

    For more click:,2144,2071657,00.html
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    Re: Finally the MSM Sees Men Are on Strike

    It can't be forgotten that women want children, they don't want families (in the traditional sense) or husbands. So yes, it's rather a dilemma!

    It does not surprise me that the media and politicians and discussing the ramifications of a low-birth rate - in Germany the problems are going to become particularly acute. My guess is that the Government would not care - and generally would see a non-reproducing population as a UN-approved success - except that it's going to cause serious problems with regard to pensions and welfare services.

    Many countries (Ireland and the UK included) get around this problem by having a very liberal immigration policy, and new immigrants tend themselves to have more children which buoys the birth rate, albeit temporarily.

    Three-quarters of men wanting to have children is still an large majority. However I don't think that's even the main problem. They may want to have children but they know the pitfalls of marriage/children/women in the modern post-feminist age so they don't bother.

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    Re: Finally the MSM Sees Men Are on Strike

    "Men are scared"? There's the obligatory shaming language whenever men fail to submit to the gynocentric beast. A better word would be reluctance, 'men are reluctant to procreate with women, and with good reason.'

    FFFF provides us with one such shining example why men don't want to start families anymore.

    I have had 5 of my kids stolen from the UK and shipped to Germany thanks of the UK feminazi legal system and the non existant rights of fathers..
    If you remove practically all the incentives for men, regarding starting a family and replace them with a myriad of penalties, expect the strike to continue indefinitely, and furthermore GROW!
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    The wicked flee when none pursueth. Proverbs 28:1

    'Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number - Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you - Ye are many - they are few.'

    Percy Bysshe Shelley

    "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. "
    Thomas Jefferson

    The internet has been a lifeboat for men's opposition to the floodings of feminism.
    Celtic Druid

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    Re: Finally the MSM Sees Men Are on Strike

    We should get men on strike elsewhere. The sewers, the bins,the roads
    their stinking evil consumer society would grind to a halt. If we did that.
    feminism is a disease the Doc is working on a cure. Symptoms include compulsive liar, constant aggression, allergic to logic, often affects women who are fat with short hair and big earings, but can be normal looking.
    Reason tablets three taken daily. If the sufferer displays shaming tactics double the dose. Remarkably the illness disappears in disaster zones.

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    Re: Finally the MSM Sees Men Are on Strike

    This article is somewhat 'censored'

    I remember a similar article one year ago, mentioning that the divorce rate is now 68 percent in Vienna, the capital of Austria and it also mentioned, that 43 percent of all young men between 18 to 40 y.o. in the German speaking region do not consider marriage, family, children.

    The article was closing with the comment, that there is really no reason for young men to stay single, except if they are egoists looking only after themselves and unwilling and stingy to share etc.etc.

    This article got 100x cheers from any women...feminists, single mothers etc.

    My comment to this article on the internet - that I am married, but with a foreign wife - was of course never published.

    Good to see, that young men of the German speaking area are continuing to show passive resistance.


    If you live in the feminist region in Western Europe, this is the only way to go for a young man.
    Let's do something...Why remain silent?Let's talk back to unreasonable feminist demands.

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    Re: Finally the MSM Sees Men Are on Strike

    Quote Quote from FFFF View Post
    Thats the route to extinction..
    It's not going to get that far. As long as you keep giving them want they want, they're not going to pay attention to your complaints.

    Anyway, from an individual's point of view, every way is the way of the dodo :-)


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