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    Feminists Try to Bankrupt MRA Activist in Court

    Dateline:Vancouver BC , Canada
    By: Rejean
    From: BC Fathers
    Via: The Honour Network

    Feminists Try to Bankrupt MRA Activist in Court
    Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

    " With only a few days notice, ULaval femi-nazi witch Pierrette Bouchard & Status of Women Canada are taking Ken Wiebe to court for costs. Each is asking for $85,000 for a total of $170,000...

    It is obvious that they are trying to bankrupt Ken & His Family so to stop Him from going to the Court of Appeal (re:Wiebe vs Bouchard) and also to stop the Demands for the Parliamentary Inquiry.

    This e-mail is possibly our last contact as I have been working with Ken on "Wiebe vs Bouchard" (which is really a court case for ALL CANADIANS & AMERICANS) & Ken & I never gotten over the lack of financial & other supports required fur such court case to succeed.

    Now that Ken is being once more bankrupted, tragic effects on his life, health, family. etc. already started &, honestly, we're losing faith in humanity & the cause we're fighting for!

    So, I'm asking once more for financial & other supports towards Mr.Ken Wiebe's heroic legal battle for Family Justice. I'm hoping once more for the needed critical mass...

    Please, send all possible financial supports directly to Ken Wiebe, visit to check "Wiebe vs Bouchard" & get Demands for the Parliamentary Inquiry signed & mailed!

    In the Name of Equal Parenting & Mediation for Family Justice! Faith-Hope-Love!"- Réjean

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    Re: Feminists Try to Bankrupt MRA Activist in Court

    Are previously taxpayer funded folks in Canada so incapable of subsequently generating
    private donation funds for their "essential" activities that they must resort to disingenuous legal and parliamentarian chicanery to raise "administrative" funds for their (correct me if I'm wrong here) NOW gub'mint de-funded

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    Thumbs down Re: Feminists Try to Bankrupt MRA Activist in Court

    Everytime I went to court I was there for the Children's best interest but evertime she always asked for costs inspite of the fact she got endless legal aid fortunately no judge ever upheld their claim but on the other hand never offered me anything!


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