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    F&F Massachusetts Action Alert: Shared Parenting Bill

    Massachusetts Action Alert: Shared Parenting Bill to Be Heard, We Need Your Presence, Your Phone Calls

    May 9th, 2011 by Glenn Sacks, MA, Executive Director

    Fathers and Families’ Shared Parenting bill (H02684) will have its public hearing by the Joint Committee on the Judiciary on Wednesday, May 18 at the State House in Boston. We want your help for this critical hearing. We need you to:

    1) Call the members of the Judiciary Committee (as well as your local legislators) and let them know that you support H02684.

    The contact info. for all Committee Members is here. To find your own state senator or representative, click here. Tell us how your interactions went by writing to us at

    2) Be there on Wednesday, May 18 at 1 pm in the Gardner Auditorium at the State House when the bill is heard. For directions, click here. Tell us you will be attending by emailing us at

    Background on H02684

    Fathers and Families members’ Citizen Lobbyist efforts of the past several months have paid off, as nearly 30% of all Massachusetts legislators signed on as co-sponsors of Shared Parenting legislation. For a complete list of these legislators, click here or see the bottom of this page.
    More information here.
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    Re: F&F Massachusetts Action Alert: Shared Parenting Bill

    Is this about Fathers and Families: Fathers and sons and daughters?


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