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    An Example of Why HN Does as What We Do

    Dateline: Toronto, Canada
    By: Intrepid
    From: Kirk Makin Globe & Mail
    Via: The Honor Network

    An Example of Why HN Does as What We Do
    Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

    With all the fathers that have been removed from their kids lives by government edicts, based on the whim of the mother, and or games played by vastly more mothers with custody over their kids to get at dad. It is good to know that the MSM (Mainstream Media) can find a dad to show whom is likely to be the real ones doing these mind games on kids in the article below. Yes its dads of course!

    For those who hate generalizing about which side is doing more of the pain inflecting, how does this obvious minority get turned into the majority?

    Well by simply ignoring who does more of this to whom. Then one needs only to drum up the few male examples to make it out to be a male problem, that’s how!

    This is surely targeted at the subconscious feelings of people (often pushed by the media in many forums like the article below) that men are the only problem. In this issue covered in the article below, mothers are most definitely off the scale in the mother on child direction mind games, as they have custody in such large numbers that it would be impossible to be otherwise.

    The only way to counter this is showing stats that prove females have good numbers of their own doing such crimes, have equal numbers to men in doing such crimes, or as reported in quite noticeable numbers exceed those of men in committing some kinds of crimes (ex: Dead Beat moms, violence against spouses, lies spoken in courts etc.). Well, read the propaganda that so many soak up as they claim HN doesn’t show male crimes and thus is misogynist. It is the media that is full of misandry and we are only countering this huge onslaught with our meager efforts at showing what is missed.

    Judge rules father brainwashed son into hating mother

    From Friday's Globe and Mail
    TORONTO — A 13-year-old Ontario boy whose domineering father systematically brainwashed him into hating his mother can be flown against his will to a U.S. facility that deprograms children who suffer from parental alienation, an Ontario Superior Court judge has ruled. Mr. Justice James Turnbull ordered the boy – identified only as LS – into the custody of his mother.

    For more click: Online source is closed to non-customers
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