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    Canadian MRA/Father Ordered to Pay $20,000

    Father ordered to pay $20,000 punishment

    Father ordered to pay $20,000 punishment - The Globe and Mail

    An Ontario Superior Court judge has ordered a crusading fathers'-rights activist
    to pay $20,000 to the federal government as punishment for mounting an
    ill-founded challenge to federal child-support payment guidelines.

    Mr. Justice Alan C.R. Whitten ruled that Lucien Khodeir's negligence lawsuit
    amounted to a delaying tactic designed to forestall him having to pay support
    orders of $1,230 - including arrears - for Mr. Khodeir's 12- and 14-year-old

    Several weeks ago, Judge Whitten dismissed the lawsuit after a brief hearing.

    "Access to justice does not mean an absence of consequences or
    responsibilities," he said in the costs ruling. "It is trite to say that no one
    wishes to discourage meritorious claims, but it would be naive to think that all
    claims are per se meritorious."

    Judge Whitten said that Mr. Khodeir is not a hero, but a public nuisance. He
    likened Mr. Khodeir to a citizen who phones the fire department to report an
    emergency: "Having so accessed this service, we should be prepared to face the
    consequences - costs or otherwise - if we phone in a false alarm or something we
    can readily extinguish ourselves."

    However, Mr. Khodeir said in an interview that the cost ruling is another
    example of judges shutting the courtroom doors to self-represented litigants who
    display the audacity to attack a sacred legal shibboleth such as the
    child-support guidelines.

    Mr. Khodeir said that he is in debt "up to my eyeballs," but he will not be
    deterred from his campaign to overturn guidelines that he regards as unfair,
    arbitrary and discriminatory toward men.

    "I'm not going to give up until I'm either dead or something else stops me from
    proceeding," Mr. Khodeir said. "They are trying to say that I'm just bitching
    about my child support, but that is not what I'm doing at all."

    Mr. Khodeir - a self-employed Hamilton tax auditor - accused Judge Whitten of
    making up his mind before ever hearing any arguments in the case.

    "Every time I opened my mouth, he would shut me up," Mr. Khodeir said. He added
    that, out of a total of approximately 50 court appearances he has made, only on
    one occasion was he treated fairly by a judge.

    "I don't expect to win every argument, but I'm fairly intelligent and educated,
    so I should be able to win one or two arguments along the way," he said.
    "Generally, judges don't like to hear from self-represented litigants because
    they consider them a waste of time."

    In addition to his failed lawsuit, Mr. Khodeir has been pursuing a separate case
    in family court that also alleges that the child-support guidelines are an
    unconstitutional add-on to the Divorce Act.

    He claimed that the guidelines were improperly drafted by a group of bureaucrats
    and family-law experts, and that they fail to take into consideration an
    individual's ability to pay.

    The presiding judge in the family-court motion has reserved his ruling.

    In his ruling on the costs award, Judge Whitten conceded that Mr. Khodeir is an
    intelligent man who is adept at citing past judgments and precedents.

    However, Judge Whitten said that he was not impressed by the purported novelty
    of Mr. Khodeir's submissions, nor by his elaborate attempt to present himself as
    being "the model of reasonableness."

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    Re: Canadian MRA/Father Ordered to Pay $20,000

    I suppose it may seem trite of me to say been there read the book worn the t shirt (not swallowed the bull sh** however),certainly in the eyes of Judge Whitten it would. My message for this so called 'Superior' judge is even Her Majesty the Queen has to Pee, and who are these individuals who have such a damming impact on your life , tell you to shut up when you present your case yourself, then screw you still further when it is not what they want to hear and you cannot be screwed any further!

    Dr. Kenedy (eminant Professor researching this from a Canadian Univ) did tell me of the problems in his own back yard as it were, last week when he visited my house and without giving away intimate details)
    From the advantageous standpoint of being screwed to the limit so there is nothing else they can do, my pet phrase is " Bring it on do you worst !" or in the case of the CSA "NO!" The former phrase I used yesterday to the bankruptcy practitioner when asked why I had not sent back the form to my EX's solicitor handing right and title of my former home to her and her new partner (4th since I left) who has not spent the past 5 years fighting for residency of my own children as I have which sent me bankrupt in the attempt and in the same week I received court papers in preparation to having my current home repossessed did he really think I was going to say "Oh yes, I am terribly sorry I will get on it right away!" he got " Do you think I am here to make anyone's life easy?

    My wife was worried when I told two burly coppers to f*** off out of my house a few weeks ago when they tried handing me a warrant to stop harassing my kids ( who I now have not seen for 22 months) and loitering around the school when in fact all I did was hand my son an A4 envelope which I had written on so not to hold him up on the way home from school a 1/4 of mile away containing a battery charger for his radio controlled car and 2 post office books for each of my sons with approx £1500 between them! ( I wish someone would harass me with some cash right now!) my wife's concern was having previously spent 10 hours in a police cell would I want to go through that again but with hindsight the only delay was waiting for a solicitor (appointed by the cops) so next time I would act for my self as I have done for 3 of the 5 years in this process, including the help of my McKenzie friend the late Ian Mackay (I wonder if anyone here knew him?) he is the first one to speak here and "..ball his bloody eyes out.." Celia Conrad shown on this same tape is a disillusioned family law solicitor who left the profession and wrote her book "Fathers Matter" Wonder what happened to Margaret Hodge and the immigrant families that took priority in social housing in the Borough of Barking and Dagenham, just hope she enjoyed her tea!

    I still do not have a criminal record, though the biological father to 2 children who have been wilfully withheld since Sept 2007 and the system has ruined me for the rest of my life, but pleased to say having stayed in touch with the schools they are doing well with my youngest being accredited grades which would put him in to secondary school he is not due to attend till Sept 2010!
    and here is something I think we all know
    The Letters and the pain will not stop!!

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    Question Re: Canadian MRA/Father Ordered to Pay $20,000

    Can we start a website of shame here? If so my first nomination is:

    HHJ Pearl formally DJ and was told early on into my excursion into the mirky world of family law look out for ambitious judges who will screw you life up to get on....well here we living proof

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    Re: Canadian MRA/Father Ordered to Pay $20,000

    ""ill-founded challenge to federal child-support payment guidelines""

    the federal child-support payment guidelines are a guide for the feminit courts to shoehorn men into a life of peonage servitude for his ex 'wife'

    and I gues ssuch courts would find all challenges to these star chamber tactics grossly "ill founded" and worthy of a brisk financial kick up the arse for any proponents of reform

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    Re: Canadian MRA/Father Ordered to Pay $20,000

    I wish there were more details in the article regarding his lawsuit. Who was he suing for negligence? Why? Does anybody know?

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    Question Re: Canadian MRA/Father Ordered to Pay $20,000

    I wonder how our friend Dr. Rob is getting on is he still in the UK

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    Question Re: Canadian MRA/Father Ordered to Pay $20,000

    Canadian input requiered on this one;


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