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    On Matt O'Connor

    Here is an email from G ...

    Dear All:

    What a complete and utter sh#t Matt O' Connor has proven to be. He has feathered his own nest with F4J funds, and has baled out now that his lack of vision is obvious. Two years ago, I wrote many of you saying that F4J's publicity-seeking was great, but that there was nothing beyond the stunts, and that unless they started listening, and developing a philosophy, they would become risible. So it has proven, worse luck. I feel for all the men who worked hard in F4J with no thought of reward, such as Dave, who imperilled his health with the incredible amount of hours he put in as Comms Director. I also feel for the "superheroes" who were less tahn ideal role models for fathering, but who did get off their arses while the more "respectable" excluded dads just drank another pint.
    O' Connor was a thief of other people's ideas, which he would shamelessly advance as his own original thinking. I did not object to this if he got the job done, which is why I never publicly criticised him or F4J, although I made my concerns clear.
    O'Connor's lack of vision, towering ego and the less-than-ideal role models for fathering that were the F4J "superheroes" was why I never made any effort to unite with F4J. They had no philosophical base whatsover beyond the superficially attractive, but socially harmful "equal parenting". The UKMM made no public challenge to equal parenting because although it was no cure, it would have reduced divorce. Instead, we asked Dave to "educate " O' Connor and others, but most were too enamoured of their 15 minutes of fame. Time chaps, to do as Kipling wrote, and pick up our worn-out tools. ( no pun intended!)

    Best to all,


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    Evidence? ...

    Is it possible that Matt O'Connor might have had a hidden incentive for some time now?

    Who knows?

    Anyway. Here is the full article from the Evening Standard. I have boldened some of the text.


    Holy smoke! The Fathers 4 Justice film
    By John Higginson, Metro
    20 January 2006

    Hollywood is to tell the story of the caped crusaders - not Batman and Robin this time, but Fathers 4 Justice.

    After two years of fighting between film companies, Disney-owned Miramax has bought the rights to turn the campaign group's story into a blockbuster.

    It will be a Full Monty-style tragi-comic take on the story of Matt O'Connor, 38, who founded the group to campaign for the rights of divorced fathers.

    Produced by Harbour Pictures, the team behind Calendar Girls, it will follow Mr O'Connor's battle for the custody of his children after splitting from his ex-partner.

    Along the way, it will take in high-profile stunts, such as the flour bombing of Tony Blair in the House of Commons and the scaling of such landmarks as Buckingham Palace in superhero costumes.

    The movie will also tell how Fathers 4 Justice was hijacked by an extremist element, infiltrated by undercover police SO19 specialist firearms branch and exposed by a journalist masquerading as a group member.

    Matt O'Conner founded the group.

    The story ends with the group's demise - Fathers 4 Justice split this week after news of an alleged plot by a splinter group to kidnap Mr Blair's youngest son Leo.

    Mr O'Connor, who is now looking after his four-week-old baby, said: 'I want people to be able to see what has been going on behind the tabloid headlines with police chasing us and how hard it has been to hold it all together some times.

    'There will be tragedy but it is going to be very funny.'

    A cast has yet to be chosen but Mr O'Connor joked that his role would be best played by 'Shrek or Johnny Vegas'.

    The father-of-three is now working on his autobiography.[/b]

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    Dec 2005
    And so it seems that many people might have profited from the demonisation of Fathers4Justice by the Sun newspaper via a spectacular claim; which, perhaps, would also make a very nice film ending!

    So, who profited?

    1. Matt O'Connor - as per above perhaps
    2. The Sun newspaper - which sold more newspapers
    3. Rebekah Wade - who sold more newspapers - and who will be thanked by her boss, Rupert Muroch. And, of course, she benefits from the demonisation of men - as is her wont.
    4. Rupert Murdoch - the most powerful media mogul around.
    5. Tony Blair - who got to hide some bad news for 'absent fathers' - e.g. the CSA changes - and who got his picture in all the international media clutching his son. And, by the way, Murdoch, the Sun Newspaper and Tony Blair are very friendly towards each other - to say the least. e.g. the Sun supported Tony Blair at the elections.
    6. The feminists.
    7. All the newspapers, TV etc.
    8. The police - after all, f4j has often made them look stupid; e.g. the purple powder incident, Buckingham Palace etc.
    9. The makers of the new film about f4j.
    10. The politicians who have often been made fools of by f4j.

    Well, that's 10!

    And there are probably many more VERY POWERFUL groups who wanted f4j brought down for some reason or other.

    And so it was that the organism called Let's Destroy Fathers For Justice grew bigger and bigger until it finally whacked it one in the eye.

    No surprises there!

    But - and this is the important bit - these hugely powerful groups that formed this 'organism of attack' and who have benefited from the demonisation of f4j - over this kidnap affair - have blasted to hell a group that was concened with *******FATHERS******* rights.

    Yes indeed. There are many groups out there that stand to gain a great deal by demonising men's right groups. And the forces that they exert when summed together are very, very powerful. For example, simply combining the greed of the tabloid press - which benefits so much by the titillation it gives to its readers by often generating hatred - together with the desire of the government to conjure up more justifications - e.g. a kidnap attempt - for acquiring further control - and, hence, power - together with the nutritional needs of the vast parasitic abuse industry - which feeds mostly on men - together with the aims of the feminists and goodness knows what else, and in this case, perhaps, a film in the offing, what chance have men got, eh?

    Men are the tasty targets of many very powerful groups. And there are also these huge anti-male ideologies and beliefs floating around the place.

    They all take and they all drain from men, in order to nourish their greedy selves.

    And when they are combined together they sometimes have the power to launch - even in a major national newspaper - the most amazing attacks.


    If Matt O'Connor's views, attitudes and behaviours over the past two years have been affected by the thought of an impending film deal, then it does make me feel slightly differently about him. But this does not alter the fact that this man did what other men did not do - whatever his motives. And he achieved a great deal - none of which has been diminished by this kidnap story, as far as I can tell.

    Indeed, only yesterday, Jim Parton from Familes Need Fathers was on the TV news talking about the current fiasco; and this will have brought his own group much publicity!

    And I want to see publicity. Lots of it. I want to see people talking and talking and talking about men's issues, and I want the arguments shoved into every psychological orifice that there is. Good publicity. Bad publicity. Shocking publicity. I don't care. I want people logging on to our websites to see what's going on and I want people thinking and arguing with each other over various men's issues - at home, at work, wherever.

    I want blood!

    Remember; those bad organisms that eat up men are positively huge.

    And this means that we have to keep generating a great amount of heat!

    Nothing else will do the trick.

    And so, at the moment, with all this publicity stemming from the kidnap story - and with Matt O'Connor ***still*** managing to make the headlines - I'd say that things were going rather well - more or less REGARDLESS of any failings that Matt O'Connor is alleged to have.

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    This whole ordeal is making my head spin at the moment. :?


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