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    Worst Mothers Ever

    Janet Barreto

    Little Enna Barreto And The Baby Trailer

    On May 17, 2008, Janet and Ramon Barreto brought their two year-old adopted daughter Enna to the hospital. They said she fell out of a shopping cart, but doctors soon discovered this wasn't the truth. The little girl had severe head and body trauma that was more consistent with a car wreck than injuries sustained from a fall. When Enna was medevaced to a children's hospital in Memphis, doctors called the Union County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Human Services.

    Poor little Enna died the next day, and when police went to arrest the Barretos, they'd already left the hospital. Cops say the couple did make contact with police, but remained evasive about their whereabouts. A warrant was issued for their home.

    When cops arrived to the fenced-in property, they immediately heard a cacophony of barking sounds. Behind the Barreto's house was a large puppy mill with 187 dogs, more than 50 cats, and some ducks. The animals were filthy, some so matted with fur and feces that they couldn't even move. There was a breeding trailer where sickly mother dogs were forced to give birth to litters of puppies on top of mounds of their own feces. Police said the smell was almost unbearable.

    The house itself was a doublewide trailer painted a cheery white. Inside was a different story. When police entered the residence, cockroaches scattered and fell from the ceiling. Rotten food, feces, and diabetic Janet's insulin needles littered the floor. The smell was so overpowering, the officers had to leave to get face masks.

    Janet and Ramon Barreto, Janet's 17-year-old daughter Marainna Torres, and the couple's biological daughter baby Janet, 6, lived in the main trailer. There was a room down the hall that had a wire tied around the doorknob from the outside, locking it. The room was empty.

    Then cops made a terrible discovery. In a small breezeway further down the hall was another door locked from the outside. When they cut the lock, they discovered that a single-wide trailer was attached. In the small room were seven cribs, three on one side, four on the other. Some cribs had plywood bottoms, others had spring-exposed mattresses. Dirty diapers, rotting food, and human filth covered the floor and crib bottoms. Tiny brown handprints were imprinted on the crib bars.

    The most horrifying thing? The cribs were empty.

    Broken Children, Broken Dreams

    Luckily, a relative called the Department of Human Services and reported that they had the Barreto children. Police learned the Barretos had adopted seven children from Guatemala, including little Enna. There was Byron, 8; Edwin, Juan, and Celeste, 3; and Lucrecia and Luisa, 2. At first, police say the kids stared blankly ahead as if not really seeing anything. They couldn't talk, just whimper. As soon as the children realized the police and DHS workers weren't going to hurt them, they clung to officers' legs, starved for affection. Seeing that the children were extremely malnourished, police and DHS took them to get food.

    At first, cops say the kids crammed food into their mouths and refused to swallow in an attempt to store the food for later. Eventually, the little ones ate a couple helpings.

    The Barretos were arrested by U.S. Marshals and booked into the Union County Jail. Police thought the case was wrapped up until Janet's daughter Marainna came forward and said she had killed baby Enna. After her confession, the Barretos paid their $900,000 bond and left Janet's daughter to rot in jail. Marainna pled guilty to manslaughter.

    Shortly afterwards, Marainna talked to police once more. This time, she told them something they had suspected. She said the Barretos tortured the children by tying their hands and feet to the cribs, dunking them in barrels of water until they lost consciousness, and that Ramon put hot peppers into the kids' mouths to make them stop crying. Doctor examinations of the children corroborated her testimony when they found ligature marks through X-rays and open sores in the kids' mouths from the peppers.

    Marainna went on to describe her own childhood in the Barreto household. She said her mother and stepfather had beaten her since she was young, and forced her to drop out of school when she was 16 in order to watch the children full-time while her mother sold her puppy mill animals on the Internet. Marainna said that school had been an escape for her, and that her dreams of one day becoming a social worker to help other kids in her situation were broken when her mother forced her to quit.

    From then on, Marainna said her mother made her take care of the children, but wouldn't let her give them blankets or toys. When Janet told her to "take care of that baby," she said it meant to silence the child by any means necessary. If she didn't follow orders, Marainna said she would get beaten.

    The strain of this lifestyle finally caught up with her, and Marainna said she got to the breaking point the day Enna was taken to the hospital. The Barretos had been shopping in Memphis that day, and when they returned home, Enna was fussy. Janet told her to make Enna stop crying, and Marainna finally snapped. She said she threw Enna into her plywood crib and hadn't realized how badly the little girl had been injured. Marainna said she tried to revive Enna, and took her to her mother. Marainna told police the Barretos wanted to dispose of baby Enna in the septic tank, but that she insisted they take her to the hospital. Unfortunately, they were too late.

    When Janet heard her daughter was singing like a bird to police, she called Marainna in jail and threatened her to change her story and take back everything she said about the Barretos. Marainna told police about the call, and Janet was charged with witness intimidation.

    When the Barretos didn't show up for their trial, police learned they skipped town and issued a warrant for their arrest.

    Marainna was sentenced to 20 years in prison on May 6, 2010. The judge suspended 15 years of her sentence and gave credit for the time she had already served while awaiting sentencing.

    Happier Days

    The other Barreto children and puppy mill animals have happier tales.

    The Tupelo-Lee Humane Society and dozens of volunteer workers spent days cleaning up the puppy mill animals. The cats were all found to be feline HIV positive, but have been adopted by homes that will give them special care. Each and every dog in the Barreto compound, including the mothers, have found happy homes. The Barretos were not charged with any animal cruelty charges because they willingly surrendered the animals to the Humane Society for rescue after the puppy mill was discovered.

    The Barreto children have exhibited a miraculous resilience and capacity to love. Byron, Juan, Celeste, Luisa, Lucrecia, and baby Janet have all been adopted by loving families in Mississippi. Now they laugh and play like children should.

    The bond between Chief Deputy Jimmy Edwards and little Edwin grew, and Jimmy and his wife began taking him for weekend visits. It wasn't long before they decided to make Edwin an official part of the family and adopted him. Edwin loves playing with toy police cars, riding in the cruiser with his dad, and telling everyone that he knows exactly what he wants to be when he grows up.

    As for Janet and Ramon Barreto, cops need your help finding them. Ramon has family in Mexico, and the two might be hiding south of the border. New information leads police to believe they could also be in Guatemala.

    Janet has diabetes and needs insulin, so she will most likely visit medical clinics. She also is suffering from gout.

    Police are now offering a $10,000 reward for their capture and fear that the Barretos will start adopting and hurting children again.

    If you know where the Barettos are hiding or have any information that could help police, call our Hotline at 1-800-CRIME-TV.

    We have Spanish-speaking operators standing by, and you call our hotline toll-free from Mexico at 001-800-274-6388.
    AMW | Fugitives | Janet Barreto | Brief

    Linda Dollar (Captured)

    Couple Accused Of Brutal Torture

    Authorities in Crystal River, Florida are searching for a couple who they say used electric shock, hammers and starvation to abuse five chilrden in their custody. According to officials, the children told investigators the Dollars starved them, shocked them with electricity, pulled out their toenails with pliers, bound them with chains and strips of plastic and struck their feet with hammers.

    Police say that for several years the Dollars have been responsible for the care of seven children - four boys and three girls, ranging in age from 12 to 17. The investigation began after authorities say a 16-year-old boy was taken by ambulance to Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center on January 21, 2005. The boy had red marks around his neck and a cut on his head, but what was most alarming, officials say, was the boy's size; he only weighed 59 lbs.

    The children were placed in the care of the Department of Children and Family Services on January 27, 2005. The Dollars were set to appear at a DCF hearing on January 31, but when they didn't show, authorities became concerned. After checking the Dollar home, investigators think John and Linda left Citrus County in their motor home. They haven't been seen since.
    AMW | Fugitives | Linda Dollar | Brief

    Liliana Lucero Mercado Gonzalez

    Boy's Death Was A Mystery

    For nearly two years after his death, Dhilan Randhal Mercado Gonzalez was known by another name..."Nino del Contendor" which translates to "the dumpster boy" in English.

    Authorities in Mexico say that no one knew who the 4-year-old boy was when his remains were found in a trash dumpster inside a cardboard box container approximately three blocks from a police station in Aguascaliente, Mexico. The body appeared to have been badly beaten and the boy was seemingly a victim of abuse his whole life. The Mexican news media dubbed the unidentified boy as 'Nino del Contendor" and the story received national media attention for months.

    Everything changed in June 2001, when an individual came forward to police and asked to see a clearer picture of the unidentified boy. The informant told police that the boy's name was Dhilan Gonzalez and that his parent's were former business associates. That's when cops turned their attention to Liliana and Francisco Gonzalez.

    A History Of Abuse

    Cops say that the informant met the child when he went into business with Dhilan's stepfather, Francisco Javier Lopez Gonzalez. Throughout the course of their dealings, the informant also met the Dhilan's mother, Lilianna Gonzalez.

    When police began investigating the pair, they concluded that Francisco was responsible for the little boy's death and that the mother may have complicity in the crime. Neighbors of the family told police that they had witnessed the Gonzalezs' punishing Dhilan in public. At times, Dhilan allegedly had to kneel on stones in the family's yard for long periods of time. Investigators interviewed Dhilan's grandparents and they spoke of various incidents of abuse committed on their grandson at the hands of his parents.

    Police were also able to track down a cab driver who recalled picking up Francisco at a bus terminal. Cops say that during the ride, Francisco kept in his lap a large cardboard box. The cab's destination was the same dumpster where Dhilan's body was later found. The cab driver later identified the man in his cab as Francisco Gonzalez.

    However, police say that Francisco's abuse wasn't exclusive to his step-son Dhilan. Detectives learned that Francisco was previously married to a woman with two children and that the younger of the two died under Francisco's care. According to police, Francisco's first wife blamed him for the child's death, however, there was never any conclusive proof that Francisco played a hand in the fatality.

    In 2003, police say that an individual matching Francisco's description was observed at the offices of the DIF, or Mexican Family Services, inquiring about how he could adopt a child. He told an employee that he had just lost a child.

    Cops say that Francisco took pictures at weddings, communions, graduations, and baptisms for a second income. They believe he may still be doing so to fund his life on the run. Francisco also likes to dress well, often wearing long sleeve shirts, ties and dress pants.

    Lilianna likes to bake breads and pastries and has worked as a dietician, according to police. In the past, she has reportedly taught low fat cooking classes. Lilianna also has a penchant for making ribbons and hair pieces for young ladies.

    Both Francisco and Lilianna attended meetings and had associations with Gnostics. Gnosticism is the teaching based on Gnosis and concerns the knowledge of transcendence arrived at by intuitive means. Cops say that Francisco fancied himself a theolgan or philosopher. Also, authorities say that the dumpster where Dhilan was found was only 3 to 4 blocks away from where the Aguascaliente Gnostic Association held its meetings.

    Neither Francisco nor Lilianna have been spotted in Mexico since 2003 and Mexican authorities believe that the pair are hiding out in the United States.
    AMW | Fugitives | Liliana Gonzalez | Brief

    Greisy Valencia

    A Heartbreaking Case Of Child Abuse

    Bea Gomez and Lise Bachman-Carnes, two social workers in Northern California, have seen a lot of horrible things done to children -- often by members of the families. Each case breaks their hearts. But they say the case they were handed in December 9, 2002 was the worst they had seen.

    An eleven-year-old girl was wandering the streets of Manteca, California. When she finally knocked on the door of a home, seeking help, the little girl couldn't remember her address or telephone number. The homeowner called the police.

    When the police questioned the child, they realized that she wasn't just lost. She was the victim of severe child abuse.

    Years Of Abuse Revealed

    Lise and Bea were called in to help find out who was responsible for the abuse. They began by gently interviewing the child.

    "The first thing that she recounted," says Lise, "was her hands being burned." The child described how her hands would be held over an open flame on the stove, and how cigarettes or a curling iron would be used to burn her. Sometimes, she said, she'd be bitten or scratched, and her hair would be pulled out.

    Doctors at Childrens' Hospital in Oakland, California found scars on the child's hands, face and back. The injuries were so severe, they say, it's remarkable the child is alive.

    The biggest shock of all was yet to come. Police say the person who inflicted such awful injuries on the little girl was her own mother -- Greisy Valencia.

    Police and social workers say they discovered that Valencia had abused and tortured her daughter since the child was just four-years old. The head of the investigation, Detective Keith Stiver of the Hayward police department, says Valencia is heartless. "She's a monster. She's a vicious, vindictive person who hurts children."

    The Abuse Ends, And A Manhunt Begins

    Social workers Bea and Lise placed the little girl in foster care. They say she is doing well, and is slowly recovering from her injuries. Although her physical scars will be there forever, she is starting to live a normal life.

    When Hayward Police went looking for Valencia, they discovered she had hit the road. Co-workers at a fast food restaurant where she was employed told police that Valencia had been tipped off that she was wanted. So, she borrowed $600 dollars from a friend and split town. No one has seen her since.
    AMW | Fugitives | Greisy Valencia | Brief

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    Re: Worst Mothers Ever

    Generaly I'm a peaceful man but if I ever come across these scum bags I'll be doing a long strech in jail that's for sure, one good thing about this artical is that it shows that the mothers are just as evil and abusive as the fathers in these cases, all in all I have no doubts that these sick fucks are going stright to hell and personaly I'd like to give then some 40mm first class tickets to hell.
    When the femanazis tell me it's their way or the highway I tell them to fuck off and die, because at lest the highway leads to new and intresting places, their ways is a dead end.

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    Re: Worst Mothers Ever

    Quote Quote from Kargan3033 View Post
    Generaly I'm a peaceful man but if I ever come across these scum bags I'll be doing a long strech in jail that's for sure, one good thing about this artical is that it shows that the mothers are just as evil and abusive as the fathers in these cases, all in all I have no doubts that these sick fucks are going stright to hell and personaly I'd like to give then some 40mm first class tickets to hell.
    It's sad in other ways. The justice system spends more time victimizing innocent people, yet 3 of the 4 people above are still free.


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