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    TV ad: ex-con threatens torture of domestic abusers in jail

    Convicted criminal and novelist Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read is featured in an Australian TV commercial, where he gleefully describes the welcoming party that awaits convicted women bashers and rapists in jail. "We will break your neck, you low, gutless, weak mice... Be afraid. If you come to jail, you're gonna have every bloody reason to be afraid [malevolent chuckle]." The video is available online here (skip down, to the end of article). Hiring a convicted criminal to threaten violence is perhaps a new low for the domestic violence industry. Apparently, despite the oft heard refrain from workers in the domestic violence industry that violence in any form (or perhaps only violence against women) cannot be tolerated under any conceivable circumstances (even during law enforcement actions?), not all violence is bad -- provided it is directed against men. The advertisement condones the torture of prisoners, which is strictly prohibited by international law.

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    How quick men are to jump on other men for abusing women

    How slow women are to jump on other women for abusing men

    That is what society has taught me

    Has it you?
    Some feminists never die, they just smell that way

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    To quote myself from your blog, LittleLion,
    Quote Quote from Karl - in blogger form,
    some great points you note, MO. It never ceases to amaze me how gullable everyday folk can be - they see these adverts, filter their shit through the now stuck-fast underwear, and think - somehow - that any man accused must be deserving of such punishment.

    No one bothers to ask the simple questions: "What if it were me, under a false allegation?" That alone should put a stop to this, but alas, so few think the obvious.
    And Fred X comes up with some fine points too, of which I'd agree. There are notable exceptions though, such as children fighting; women will jump in to stop in whereas men tend to allow in order for the children to learn how to defend themselves and other important 'life lessons'.

    Although i've had talks with feminists who insist that men do walk on by as another man beats a woman up, i've never in my life witnessed it. What i have witnessed is women smacking men around and people stand and laugh, until the man retaliates... then it's suddenly not so funny. An amazing change of heart, i'd say.
    I've seen men stop other men from fights and i've seen men jump between women to stop a fight - but never in my life have seen a man beating the hell out of a woman and i've never even seen a woman stopping two (or more) men from fighting by jumping into it. Again, a notable exception being when one of them involved is emotionally attached to her, say a son or perhaps husband...but that isn't guaranteed at any level.
    The most offensive thing you can do to a feminist is treat her with FULL equality.
    --Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right.--

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    I concur

    I'd also note that when two men fight, and, in the rare instances women do step in, it is not to break up the fight (sensible option), but rather to wade in like some irrational PMT-driven terrier, with no thought or idea of the consequences such stupid interference entails

    One thing I've also found is that it is women, by and large, who resort to violence first, and they are excused as sufferring 'at that time of the month', yet men are not offered such 'allowences'

    As for men threatening others 'who bash women', Karl is right to point out that if the 'shoe was on the other foot', then what would they do?

    Crawl under the bed?

    Hide away?

    Fight bac- oh, I mustn't dare utter such words in case I advocate 'women bashing' :roll:
    Some feminists never die, they just smell that way

    More from me at:


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