German pop singer Peter Schilling tells about his childhood in this interview: ARD Mediathek: Peter Schilling, Sänger | SWR1 Rheinland-Pfalz (audio is in German)

Alot of thanks goes to Feckless, who was kind enough to spend time translating part of the interview for me, and summarizing it.

Schilling talks about a song from his new album titled "Kevin" (about child abuse), and says that the song is about him, and then goes on to talk about his childhood. Feckless sent this translated summary to me about what Schilling says about his childhood:

In a nutshell, the song is about him / he doesn't know his father and his mother is an alcoholic (Feckless added later that she was a severe alcoholic)/ he has been in 2 asylums / his mother was violent with him (he says "Domestic Violence") and his granmother rescued him / he is very thankful for what she did / He mentions that that happens regularly (child abuse) / it was his story and he mentioned that he is working for the "deutscher Kinderschutzbund" (roughly tranlsates to German Child Protection Organisation) and provides them with his experiences (on how to escape the violence for example) / talks about how his songs were kind of escapism -> fleeing in his own world as a result of his childhood.