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    Mum headbutts son's ex at party

    From The Harrogate Advertiser:

    Mum headbutts son's ex at party

    A MOTHER of four headbutted her son's former girlfriend amid
    claims of pregnancy at an engagement party in a Harrogate
    hotel, the town's magistrates were told on Tuesday.

    They heard how 43-year-old Sharon Johnson had encountered
    Katherine Cole during the celebrations at the Yorkshire Hotel in
    Prospect Place.

    Prosecutor Sam Rogers said at one point during the evening of
    July 30 an insult had been directed at Ms Cole, 20, and later
    the two had been outside, in a group of others, smoking.

    There Johnson, of Greenfields Avenue, Harrogate, had repeated the insult to one of her son's former girlfriends and had then pushed her, using both hands to her chest causing her to stumble against steps.

    Miss Rogers said Johnson had then headbutted Ms Cole to her nose and punched her on her right cheek. The following day she had had treatment at Harrogate District Hospital for back pain and a swollen nose.


    The court heard Johnson, who pleaded guilty to assault, had later handed herself into police. She had a four-year-old conviction for a similar offence.

    In mitigation Geoffrey Rogers said Johnson, a mother of four who worked as a cleaner, knew Ms Cole had been a girlfriend of her son.

    The relationship had ended but both Johnson and her son had been upset when Ms Cole had indicated that she might be pregnant Mr Rogers said the engagement party incident stemmed from this.

    While the two women were smoking Johnson had turned aggressive and there had been a verbal argument before she resorted to physical violence.

    She had lost her temper but maintained there had been no push or punch, merely a single headbutt.

    Johnson was ordered to do 40 hours unpaid work and pay her victim 100 compensation along with 85 prosecution costs.
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    Thumbs up Re: Mum headbutts son's ex at party

    Wonder if I can get my mum to do this

    [ame=""]YouTube - Illuminati Courtroom (excerpt from "the prisoner")[/ame]
    That bleeding OXO advert is back!


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