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    You figure it out!!!

    Day care provider accused of burning baby

    Story here Excerpt:
    'A Gates day care provider accused of burning an 8-month-old baby has been charged with second-degree assault and reckless assault of a child by a day care provider, according to Gates police.
    Kelly Hernandez, 44, 165 Kencrest Drive, who is licensed to operate a day care facility from her home, is accused of changing the baby's diaper on an electric stove top that she believed was turned off, police said. The baby suffered first-, second- and third-degree burns and is being treated at Strong Memorial Hospital, police said.'

    What kind of retard changes a infant's diaper on a stove?

    If that was my child
    , let just say that the person who burned him wouldn't feel a thing.
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    Re: Day care provider accused of burning baby

    Yooooow!!! That's terrible. There had a case not so long back where a mother had burned - intentionall - her child on a stove. She was put in the loopy hospital, because of course she was ill - not malicious... naturally.
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